Top 6 Tips for Choosing a Gym POS Software

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Gym Point of Sale software deals with all the financial data of the organization through time, calendar. It even maintains the data of what and how much drugs are used by the people who enroll themselves in the gym via scheduled services. This also keeps a record of each individual’s entry into the gym. In short Gym POS Software is like a big picture of the organization, keeping a tab on all its departments at one go. The main purpose of this software is to maximize the flow of data so that the organization can make good use of it for decision making.

1.    User-Friendly Software:

A big part of a gym management software deal is the POS system. Most of the businesses do not have a POS software system, instead, they go for an e-commerce website solution that can be operated from any internet connection. But POS software is designed specifically for a brick-and-mortar business where the users need to input all relevant information about their customers. An important tip for choosing the best POS program for a gym is the ease with which transactions are processed. This is because it deals with money so the more user-friendly the software is; the better and faster the transactions are going to be.

2. Secure and Reliable Payment Processing:

The best POS software should offer secure and reliable payment processing. Some of the gyms use cheque cash, card payments or they allow the customers to pay using any of the available credit cards. But in most cases, cash and plastic money are the only accepted modes of payment. Therefore, the choice of POS software for the fitness center point of sale system should enable secure and reliable payment processing. Security features include encryption, smart card readers, PINs, cardholder identification, etc.

3.    Online Payments:

The third feature to consider while choosing a POS Software For Gym for online payments is the facility scheduling feature. Facility scheduling is a very important feature of online payments. You want to ensure that your employees do not overbook the facility by making it overcrowded or under booked. The POS software should allow you to set up priority seating and also offer a waiting list for priority seating.

4.    Ease of Use:

The fourth factor that you should look for in a good gym point of sale system POS software is the ease of use. If you have recently launched a fitness studio and are looking for a software solution then you are probably aware of the level of work and patience that goes into such a venture. A good POS software for a fitness studio will make things even easier for you. It should give you a simple and easy to understand graphical interface. The software should also be flexible enough to integrate with other computer software such as printing software and customer billing software.

5.    Cost of the Software:

The fifth factor that you need to consider while choosing a POS software for a new client’s management software is the cost. Fitness studio owners have to be savvy about how much they spend on their new client enrolment software. There are many options available in the marketplace today. You can get yourself a fairly basic program for less than $100 but if you are looking for advanced features and multiple reports then you might have to cough up at least that much.

6.    Point of Sale:

The last and most important point to consider when looking for a Gym POS Software for sales solution is the point of sale itself. This is where you can differentiate your business from that of your competitors. Most of your competition will be offering a wide range of products including workout gear, nutritional supplements, and classes and equipment. However, if you offer only health and fitness equipment then you will be able to serve the needs of your gym clients better because your clients would rather pay for gym services and equipment that they can use.

Gym point of sale solutions includes scheduling and inventory as well as billing and payment options. When it comes to the scheduling function, you will have to integrate this functionality between your Point of Service (POS) machines and electronic filing cabinets. Wellyx will allow your clients to log in and schedule appointments, make payments and print out reports at the end of their session easily. If you are planning to use a virtual point of service then you can incorporate the scheduling function using an online form builder. Since most of the time virtual POS machines do not require any special training, they can also be used by members of fitness clubs with minimal supervision.


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