Top 6 Destinations for an Incredible Honeymoon

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When it comes to vacations, there is nothing like a honeymoon. It is an opportunity for newlyweds to unwind from the stress of marriage, genuinely enjoy each other’s company, and create memories that will last a lifetime. This is the start of something extraordinary, and the whole honeymoon experience should represent the perfection of the vacation. Check out the list here:


Kenya is a magical place and offers a wide range of experiences and accommodations. Kenya holidays usually include some degree of activity due to the unmissable opportunities to see Kenya’s rich and varied wildlife. But not every honeymoon day has to be spent on Safari – there are a considerable number of accommodation options, and most are suitably prepared for a honeymoon! How about a 5-star treehouse or colonial tent with your butler? You can also mix your Safari with some time on a beach where you can relax. When it comes to creating unforgettable memories, the times spent under African skies are hard to overcome. It may not be the right destination for those who want to do nothing but relax on a beach.

Fiji Islands

Moving to the South Pacific Ocean, Fiji is a top-rated honeymoon destination. It certainly qualifies as a paradise destination and intimate retreat for couples with champagne-colored beaches, lush palm trees, and a tropical hinterland. Everything you can dream of, Fiji has it. One can also choose complete wedding packages such as those offered on Tokoriki Island and LikuLiku Lagoon Resort. Similar to Hawaii, Fiji offers a wide range of activities. Hiking, snorkeling, and diving are just some of the ways you can spend time on these pristine islands.

The Caribbean 

Continuing with the island theme, the Caribbean island of St Lucia has long been a favorite honeymoon destination. Santa Lucia is the perfect destination, whether you are a lover of romance or adventure. A genuine and natural landscape with stunning palm-covered beaches, miles of pristine rainforest, and majestic mountains. Natural waterfalls, breathtaking views, friendly people, and authentic culture impress all travelers and create memories that last a lifetime.


Another excellent Indian Ocean destination, Seychelles (or Paradise Islands), comprises around 115 small islands famous for their beautiful white beaches and turquoise sea. The larger islands are granite, while the smaller and lower islands are coral. There are plenty of atolls and reefs for snorkelers and divers, but the islands’ tropical rainforest offers an exciting contrast and an excellent alternative for hikers. Seychelles offers beautiful locations in an unspoiled environment, and winter does not exist here, ideal for honeymooners.


Any quest for a paradise island must include the Indian Ocean, and Mauritius is magnificent land. Perhaps Mark Twain summed up the extraordinary beauty of Mauritius when he wrote: “Mauritius was created first, and then paradise, and that paradise was copied from Mauritius.” Located off Africa’s east coast, Mauritius is a honeymoon, romantic getaway, and wedding paradise. While world-class beaches and incredible natural beauty are the perfect romantic backdrop for luxury hotels and resorts, Mauritius also boasts a beautiful melting pot of cultures and cuisines, with four major ethnic groups contributing to the island’s unique culture.


Indonesia is full of beautiful islands, but Bali is one of the most famous places to visit. With an abundance of sacred temples and a population that holds its traditions firmly (ceremonies are almost a daily occurrence here), Bali is known as ‘the island of the gods.’ For many, however, Bali is the island of romance.

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