Top 5 interesting Image processing projects

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With the aid of several technological procedures, engineering technicians, researchers, and developers can augment an image and extract meaningful information from it by using the image processing method. However, what happens if there are more pictures—say, a thousand or more? Does this technique still work? Yes, it will, with the various types of image processing that Google, Tesla, Uber, and other reputable tech giants have widely adopted to date for collecting more and more data, classifying it into the proper categories like enhancement category/restoration, and then processing the acquired data using accuracy and precision-based processing techniques.

In today’s article, we will understand about 5 highly interesting image processing projects that a professional can work on. Without any further ado, let’s get started.

5 Highly Interesting Image Processing Projects to Work on:-

Let’s get ahead with the topic and see 5 highly popular image processing projects to work on.

1.Leverage Computer Vision to Develop Smart Selfie
An entry-level project that introduces a tool for taking pictures of your radiant smiles. The face recognition algorithm and other computer vision algorithms will be used in this project as they are the “eyes” of image processing. However, keeping the algorithms aside, if you wish to complete the project, you may need the following:
●Your face’s various features, such as your nose, eyes, and teeth, are processed using OpenCV, which is important.
●The use of a webcam is essential because you can’t expect to get selfies taken without one.
●Performing complex mathematical operations is made possible with Numpy.
●With the aid of green dots, the Dlib library maps the facial points on a person’s face.
The only thing you need to prepare for right now is to smile for the camera as instructed by this clever image-based project. You can harness the power of a smile for multiple purposes by programming your eyes to contract and your lips to measure. With the measurements being adjusted automatically and in conjunction with your smiles, this should make the program versatile and supportive.
2.Developing a Real-Time Attendance System that’s Image-Based
If this real-time attendance management system project is successful, faculty members and researchers will be extremely happy because they are no longer required to mark students present as soon as they put their hands up, as was the case in the past. When discussing the project further, you will realize:
●Matlab can be used to implement the fundamental principles of image processing.
●And in this case, is a biometric scanner necessary to make this project smarter with “Present Ma’am” or absentee attendance records?
●Through image processing, which uses data from a database, the student’s face will be recognized. What are the fundamental actions that indicate whether I’m present or absent, are you still wondering? It would be better to deal with them by creating a dataset, storing it in an already-existing database, training it for better outcomes, and then recognizing it at last! Bravo, as the attendance is tracked in real-time.
●Matlab functions include builddatabase() for building databases with images of various features. To extract image colors with the proper pixel value, use colordescriptor(). The function findsimilar(img) determines whether the clicked image corresponds to an image that has already been saved in the database.
The force of a smart attendance monitoring system will thus be available to students and other faculty and staff thanks to this project idea since it won’t necessitate needless thumb or forefinger scans. Your live-clicked image will be the only thing it looks for.
3.Building the Number Plate Recognition Project
For answers to assignments, final or semi-final year project work, or final year project work, the Number Plate Recognition project is a great option for beginners to submit because of its successful results. Because OCR, or optical character recognition, is used here, constructing this time-saving automotive detection and recognition without it is incomplete. It’s so because:
●Can accurately identify any car that has just arrived in the cantonment zone or anywhere else in the world.
●And don’t worry too much about such identification because it will be carried out easily by extracting information like alphanumeric vehicle numbers.
●At a later stage, the details of the vehicle will be cross-checked against the data that is already stored in the database using this number.
Just sit back, launch MATLAB that is already installed on your workstations, and begin testing the functionality of this real-time vehicle identification system that has the capability of separating the current data from the vehicle’s picture for use by traffic personnel for safety and security purposes!
4.Content-Based Image Retrieval Project
The project called “Content-Based Image Retrieval” offers a comprehensive solution to the issue of image retrieval in which you occasionally struggle to find images that are relevant to the search query. Considering the kinds of pictures it will get and where it will get them! Consequently, this project will:
●select image databases that grab a wider selection of image-based material in the form of images, news article photos, and documents gathered from the World Wide Web.
●A method for assessing the performance of databases can then be implemented using MATLAB or Python.
Because of this project, anyone can now flexibly retrieve the desired images that have been categorized by image segmentation algorithms, which are twice as accurate and efficient as conventional image-retrieval frameworks at finding pictures distinguished by shape, color, and appearance.
5.Project on Bookshop Management System
Do you believe that checking a book’s availability while seated on a couch is a better use of your time than actually buying it? If so, then the following data is available from this bookshop management solution for you:
●Book Price
●Book Author Names
●Records of Payments of the Book
Additionally, by automating every aspect of running a bookshop, from stock management to maintaining customer and employee records, this system is making life easier for its users. Therefore, you have the absolute freedom to buy your favorite book after checking its availability from this system before it runs out of stock thanks to the current book management system that has been successfully implemented on Python.
Final Words
We now reach the concluding parts of this article. To summarize what we’ve discussed, we looked into 5 popular image processing projects that include a smart selfie system, a real-time image-based attendance system, number plate recognition project, a content-based image retrieval system, and a bookshop management system.

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