Top 10 Ways to Develop Students Interest in a Subject

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Essay writing is an important genre of Urdu language. Articles can be of various types including scientific, literary, political, research and religious.

From a serious essay to a humorous essay can be any type and it all depends on the nature or topic of any essay.

It is important to review the principles of essay writing before writing any effective article. There are some golden rules and regulations for writing an article. The following points are very important before writing an effective article.

  • Introduction
  • Subject
  • Analysis
  • Arguments
  • Conclusion

1.            Concise Introduction

Since this is the introductory part of the article, the topic must be short and concise. The subject matter of the introduction should be such that it attracts the attention of the reader from the very beginning and keeps the interest of the reader.

2.            Foundation of Subject

This is the part in which the subject is described on the basis of introduction, in fact this part is called the spirit of the article in which the text is stated and the real subject is discussed.

Efforts should be made to ensure that there is no repetition of words or sentences in this section.

Repetition in sentences can cause the reader to lose focus, so it is important to avoid it. The content should be well presented and accurate to the topic so that the topic maintains its strength.

3.            Critical and polite Analysis

The reasons in this section must be appropriate, polite and reasonable and also in accordance with the article.

Solid Arguments:

4.            Logical Arguments

Arguments should be based on regular research because it is possible to confirm any news in the blink of an eye in the era to which man belongs today. Therefore, it is important to keep in mind that the argument must be valid.

5.            Using Coma

A comma is used when there is a pause between sentences, or when there is a special focus on a particular component. The British take coma so seriously that they have written numerous books on “Oxford coma”. We were also taught in the early classes to write the next word after each word leaving some space so that the writing could be read easily. If the author is not familiar with the basic punctuation, it does not make a good impression.

6.      Clear Conclusion

After examining all the other factors mentioned above, the aspect of presenting clear points according to the topic in this concluding section is of utmost importance.

It is also important to clarify your position.

7.            To the point

As mentioned earlier, we like to exaggerate. Know the abundance of words well. In modern writing, it is considered good to express one’s subject effectively in the least number of words.

8.            Outline

Usually what comes to mind when writing the first draft of writing is written? Then it is seen which word or phrase is such that the meaning can be clearly stated even by extracting it.

9.            Word count

In the online digital world, the ideal length of an article is 800 words. If you manage to get 600 to 800 words after editing your article two or three times, it will increase the impact of your article and make it more readable.

10.         Avoid confusion

In your essay, try to explain how to clarify the text, how to avoid confusion and what kind of words to avoid, giving examples of shortening sentences.

Bottom line

When writing your essay keep in mind that you are not writing to lock your ideas on the page in the form of words, but you need to tell your students or other fellows what you are trying to express through your essay. Using the mentioned rules you can easily connect your writing to others or else request someone to do my assignment at reasonable rates.

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