Top 10 Microwave-safe Utensils in India

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A microwave oven is a small box-like appliance used to raise the temperature of the food being processed. This microwave oven uses electromagnetic waves called “microwave radiation” which is being generated by a vacuum tube called a magnetron. The microwaves are being absorbed by water, fats, sugar, and other molecules present in the food to produce heat.

A microwave oven is widely used all over the world. It is used for reheating previously cooked food or slowly cooked foods. Like, who would not want to have a microwave at home? Microwave oven is quick and efficient when means of cooking or reheating. For someone who is busy enough to cook or reheat his own food, this microwave oven is the solution. Foods are usually wrapped with plastics, paper, or porcelain which cannot be reheated directly in the microwave oven as the plastic, paper, or porcelain may lead to contaminating the food.

Another possible harm in using a microwave oven is the exposure of the human body to microwave radiation. Exposure to a high level of microwave radiation may lead to serious burns. Especially to the eyes and testes which are particularly vulnerable to radiation.

To avoid exposure to microwave radiation, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) sets standards in all microwave ovens being created to limit the radiation emissions being produced. And for contamination of plastic, paper, or porcelain in food, different types of bowls and utensils are used.


And here are the top 10 most used microwave-safe utensils particularly in India:


1)      COLLISION Multipurpose Bowl Set 

This COLLISION Multipurpose Bowl Set is a multipurpose bowl that comes with 3 bowls, 3 lid, and 3 serving spoon. The lid is transparent providing a clear view of the dish being stored and ensuring to bring out the color and texture of the food making it more appetizing. It is made up of high-quality plastic which makes it a microwave-safe utensil.


2) CrystalWave Tupperware


This Crystalwave Tupperware is a liquid-tight container, made up of food-grade plastic. It is made up of light materials, making it easy to carry around. CrystalWave Tupperware consists of a steam vent in which you can pop to prevent spills in reheating in the microwave. It features a scratch-resistant surface for less prone to scrapes and to avoid ugly scratches on the surface.  The only downside with this is the steam vent is detachable to the lid, which is then a hassle in cleaning.


3) Borosil Glass Bowl

This Borosil Glass Bowl is a multipurpose mixing bowl is commonly used in preparing and serving biryanis, dal, subzis, raita, pasta, noodles, and salads. Borosil Glass Bowl is one of the most trusted and most popular brands for microwave-safe utensils in India. It is made of 100% borosilicate glass, meaning it is harder and tougher than ordinary glass and guaranteed to withstand high temperatures up to 350°C, which can be used in the microwave oven, fridge, and dishwasher. This Borosil Glass Bowl also has an anti-scratch feature to avoid scratches on the surface.


4) H Hy0tec Euro Bowl Set

This H Hyotec Euro Bowl Set is India’s first stainless steel microwave-safe utensil. It is made up of a combination of plastic and stainless steel. This set comes up with 3 bowls of different sizes – large, medium, and small. The outer body of the bowl and lid is made up of microwave-safe plastic while the inside body is stainless steel. This bowl set is guaranteed to withstand a temperature up to 80°C, ideal to use for microwave oven. It also features an easy to wash and crack resistance surface.


5) Kinship India Microwave-Safe Lunch Containers

This Kindship India Microwave-Safe Lunch Containers are made up of stainless steel in the interior and polypropylene in the exterior making them resistant to moisture and chemicals. The Kindship India Microwave-Safe Lunch Containers come in a set of 6 airtight steel bowls. The principle is to heat up the exterior (polypropylene) which then heats up the stainless steel (interior) to make sure that the food is totally safe. This Kinship India Lunch Container is made up of lightweight materials making it very convenient to carry.


6) Treo Borosilicate Microwave-Safe Mixing Bowl

This Treo Borosilicate Microwave-Safe Mixing Bowl is made of borosilicate glass, which is not an ordinary glass, which makes it a microwave-safe utensil. A borosilicate glass is a non-porous glass that is designed to not absorb stains or odors easily, making it preserve the way it looks. It is also scratch-resistant.


7) Borosil Round Casserole

This Borosil Round Casserole is made up of high-grade glass making it microwave-safe. It is commonly used for baking, preparing, serving, and reheating food. It also has a lid which is also made up of high-grade glass, preventing the food from spilling when cooking. You can also use the lid of the casserole as a plate.


8) SignoraWare Microwave Cooker Set

This SignoraWare Microwave Cooker Set is made up of virgin plastic, which is a 100% food-grade material, making it microwave-safe and unbreakable. Unlike any other cooking appliance, this requires much less oil than ordinary cooking. So if you want to reduce your family’s oil intake, then this is the perfect answer for that. It also features dishwasher safe and freezer safe.


9) Princeware Fresh Ven Bowl

This Princeware Fresh Ven Bowl is made with 100% food-grade plastics, making it microwave-safe. It is molded for easy handling. The lid has steam holes, in which you can rotate for the air to come in, allowing the airflow to circulate well when using in the microwave, which makes reheating the previously cooked food equally and efficient. The downside with this bowls is that it is not stained proof or odor friendly.


10) Regalo Twist Microwave Safe

This Regalo Twist Microwave Safe is made up of high-grade plastic, making it microwave safe. Regalo Twist Microwave Safe comes up in a set of 2 or 3 containers. It is commonly used to reheat and serve pulav, rice, noodles, and vegetables. Besides its affordable price, it also offers dishwasher safe and freezer safe.

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