Top 10 Microwave Ovens In India

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If you’re trying to find the simplest microwave ovens in India then this is often the proper place for you. Here we’ve listed out all the various sorts of microwave ovens.

 Microwave ovens are of various types like Convection, Solo, Grilled. Convection microwave ovens are the superior of all, a convection microwave can do all the task that a solo or grilled microwave does.

 On a mean while buying a microwave you ought to generally choose 21 to 30L microwave .

 A family of 4 members needs a 32L microwave to cook your food with none shortage issue.

 Apart from the capacity you ought to search for

 Easy button controls

Electricity consumption

Brand Service and warranty

See if you would like to shop for a microwave just to Reheat your food or defrosting then you ought to simply choose Solo microwave ovens. Their price range is from 7000-10000.


Here Are the Top 10 Microwave Ovens in India

IFB Convection microwave

This IFB microwave is one among the simplest microwave ovens in india with none doubt. this is often the right oven for a 4-member family. This Best microwave are often used for baking along side grilling, reheating, defrosting and cooking. IFB is on of the foremost popular brand and that they manufacture many house hold kitchen appliances.


Heater Selection: during this microwave there’s a heater selection option which may be wont to select Grill mode or convection mode which makes the cooking process really handy to be honest.


Bosch Convection microwave

Bosch is one among the foremost popular brands and also manufactures a number of the simplest microwave ovens in india. This microwave comes with tons of features in it. This oven comes with 7 modes of cooking which are Frylite, Convection for baking, Grilling, Combination, Tandoori, Motorised Rotisserie, Reheating along side defrosting.


121 Auto cooking modes: you only need to prepare the food and place it inside the oven and push that specific button of that recipe and done. it’ll get cooked perfectly with perfect automatic temperature and environment inside it.


Samsung Convection microwave

Samsung microwave ovens are one among the simplest that exits within the market. It comes with tons of inbuilt features that you simply definitely got to make your cooking fast and efficient. The highlight of this oven is it’s a tandoor feature.


Tandoor feature: This best microwave comes with an inbuilt tandoor feature which will help to form crispy Roti or Naan at 200 degree Centigrade .


IFB Convection microwave

Capacity: This best microwave comes with 23L capacity which is ideal for any 3 to 4 member family. Cook as many dishes as you would like for yourself or your loved ones.


This is a convection microwave which may be used for grilling, reheating, defrosting and cooking.


LG Convection microwave

LG has been the leading brand for a decade now. And This microwave is one among the simplest convection microwave ovens within the market. This best microwave are often used for grilling, reheating, defrosting and cooking.


Capacity: This best oven comes with 28L capacity which is ideal for any large families. It also comes with 271 Auto cook menus with it.


Panasonic Grill microwave

This is a Grill microwave which is in a position to perform only basic task. It cannot perform nearly as good as Convection Microwave ovens. aside from that this microwave comes with some good features.


Capacity: This microwave comes with 20L capacity which enough for 3-member family.


Bajaj Grill microwave

Bajaj has been producing a number of the simplest microwave in india for a really while now. Till now people keep buying on Bajaj products due to the standard and trust they need on people. This microwave has numerous features under this price range which is basically amazing.


Capacity: This microwave comes with a capacity of 20L which is sufficient enough for 3-member family.


LG Grill microwave

This LG grill microwave is compact in size and is basically amazing. This microwave is ideal for any bachelors or alittle family.


Capacity: This best microwave comes with 20L capacity this is often perfect for bachelors who sleep in a flat together with his or her friend or roommates also this microwave is sweet for little families also .


LG Solo microwave

This LG solo microwave is that the best microwave that you simply can get. And trust me this is often the foremost modern looking yet really powerful solo microwave . the planning is compact and also very elegant. With this microwave you’ll bake along side reheat, defrost otherwise you can cook with it also .


Capacity: This best solo microwave comes with 42L of capacity which is way more enough for any large family. Even a convection microwave doesn’t accompany just huge capacity during this price range.


Samsung Solo microwave

Capacity: this is often a 23L solo microwave which is sufficient for 3 to 4 member families.


This is a solo microwave and you’ll only Reheat, defrost and cook with this microwave .


Pre-programmed recipes: This microwave has many pre programmed recipes built it. you only need to prepare the food and put inside and press that specific recipe button that you simply want to cook. This pre-programmed recipe modes helps to urge the right heat and cooking timing.



Microwave Oven is important kitchen appliance .There are multiple models and types available in the market,This Is Detailed Information will help in choosing best oven.Listed out Top 10 Microwave Ovens in India.

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