Tips to Choose the Perfect Bedsheet for Your Bedroom

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Choosing the right bedsheet for your bedroom is a vital decision because this is something that strikes your mind when you think of a comfortable bed, right? 

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No matter how good a mattress you have, if you fail to have a cozy cotton bedsheet, you won’t be able to enjoy a comfortable sleep. Remember your bedsheet makes a lot of difference when it comes to a good night’s sleep. 


It is important for you to choose a quality cotton bedsheet because you are going to spend almost 8 hours in your bed. The way you select the mattress according to your preference similarly the type of sheet also depends on your personal choice. 


However, if you want to purchase quality cotton bedsheets online then no other place can be better than Design Gaatha. At this online store, you can find a wide range of bedsheets as well as handcrafted cushion covers that perfectly blend with the décor of your room’s interior. 


Depending upon your varied requirements, you can select a single, double, queen, and king-size bedsheet. It is always better to select the bedsheet that offers you comfort, relaxation and also appeals to your eyes. 


A bedsheet is an essential component that speaks a lot about your bedroom interior and décor. Always remember that this one piece of cloth can completely change the look of your bedroom. 


Here are some tips for selecting the bedsheets that will ensure your utmost comfort while sleeping. 


Consider the material

In the market, you can find bedsheets in a wide range of materials but cotton bedsheet is the most preferred one because of its coziness, durability as well as breathability. 


Although cotton bedsheet is perfect for all seasons but for summers it is really amazing because the cotton bedsheet traps heat, ensuring cool air to pass through. 


Look for the right fit

You must purchase the right size as well as fit of bedsheet. Do not consider the size of your bed while buying a bedsheet because, in this way, you will end up purchasing a cotton bedsheet that is either too big or small. 


Thread count

When it comes to thread count, there is a huge buzz. Remember higher the thread count softer will be the bedsheet. Higher thread count is linked with comfort as well as justifies the high price of the bedsheet.  


It is also necessary for you to know that the quality of the bed linen is based upon the fineness of yarn along with the quality of weaving & finishing processes. 


Select the prints & colors wisely

Considering the aesthetics of your bedsheets is extremely important. Before buying the bedsheets, make sure to decide well in advance whether you need printed or plain. 


Plain bedsheet goes well with printed pillows and mattresses. On the other hand, subtle and minimal design bedsheets go well with all kinds of bedroom décor. If you want to enjoy a bold look then you can buy bedsheets with striking prints without having a second thought. 


Therefore, these a few tips that you should consider while choosing the perfect bedsheet for your bedroom. Visit the online store of Design Gaatha and explore the wide variety of bedsheets. 

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