Tips to Avoid Suspension While Drop Shipping on Amazon

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There are abundant opportunities everywhere on the Internet to discover extraordinary deals on popular products and show them on Amazon for profit. Be that as it may, on the off chance that you attempt this business model without understanding what you are doing there’s an extremely strong chance you’ll rapidly wind up suspended—permanently. 


There are abundant opportunities everywhere on the Internet to discover incredible deals on popular products and show them on Amazon for profit. Numerous consumers are languid to shop around and need to purchase from one trusted place. Arbitrage drop shippers are a colossal power in keeping Amazon’s prices low. 


Be that as it may, in the event that you attempt this business model without understanding what you are doing there’s an extremely strong chance you’ll rapidly wind up suspended—permanently.

Respect Amazon’s Drop Ship Policy

First of all, it is vital that you understand what is Amazon Dropshipping?


Drop shipping, or permitting a third-party to fulfill orders to customers for your sake, is by and large acceptable. 

The key to not violating this policy is to choose suppliers who are willing to work with you and put your name on the packing slip and remove their own promotion. In the event that you can get a composed agreement with every one of your suppliers, that is the easiest method to show you are in compliance if any issue arises. 


It might be hard to get an enormous retailer to pay attention to you, and you may have better luck with more modest niche vendors. Be that as it may, carrying on reasonably is definitely justified, and Amazon’s compliance department will assist with pruning your competition.

Build Your Reputation First

Second, the better your reputation the less issue you’ll get from Amazon’s compliance department. I don’t suggest drop shipping at all when your record is brand new. In the event that you are selling brand name things, sooner or later Amazon will request that you for receipts demonstrate you are sourcing your products from an authentic supplier, and they don’t discover retail receipts satisfactory. 


Indeed, most arbitrage seller suspensions don’t come straightforwardly from violations of the above policy. However long their request is right and arrives on time not many consumers will mind if another retailer shows up on the packing slip so complaints are rare. Anyway Amazon has zero capacity to bear fake products and they have a personal stake in ensuring that sellers are sourcing brand products from reputable suppliers. Amazon regularly asks newer sellers for wholesale receipts, yet whenever you have proven yourself to be a fair seller these checks become rare.


There’s nothing inherently unethical about sourcing products from reputable retailers as opposed to wholesalers, yet Amazon’s authorities will in general think in binary terms and decide in favor suspension to secure Amazon’s interests. They would prefer to suspend a blameless seller than risk allowing Amazon to be sued or criminally arraigned for intellectual property violations. What’s more, I don’t fault them. 


So in the event that you are another seller, the most ideal approach to begin is with a low-risk vanilla business model. Track down some high ranking brand name listings (liable to sell rapidly) and purchase those products from a reputable wholesaler. You can utilize FBA or self-fulfill. You most likely will not make a lot of profit at first, yet the purpose is to construct your reputation and acquire great reviews as fast as could be expected. 


When you have effectively fulfilled many orders including brand-name merchandise and you have gone no less than several months without showing receipts, then, at that point it is most likely protected to start setting out on more profitable arbitrage opportunities.

Use Reliable Monitoring Software

Third, when you start improving make sure you satisfy your orders effectively and on time. Amazon has low tolerance for cancelled or incorrect orders. Each drop ship dealer’s most noticeably awful nightmare is to get a request that your supplier can’t satisfy. Only a few of these can deliver your dealer account toast perpetually and your pay disappears in a puff of smoke. 


The other issue you can run into is on the off chance that you source a product during a sale and the supplier raises the price without notice. You are then compelled to pick between fulfilling the product at a significant misfortune, or gambling suspension by cancelling the request. It is almost always less painful to take a financial misfortune than hazard permanently losing your selling advantages.

You can essentially reduce the risk of running into these problems by employing reliable software to monitor your providers and keep both your inventory levels and price in a state of harmony with your providers. I likewise energetically recommend utilizing a coordinated re-pricer which will change your prices in real time in response to the competition. Repricing software helps you holding the purchase box more frequently which can altogether increase your sales.



On the off chance that you operate inside Amazon’s rules, develop a strong reputation with legitimate wholesalers front, and utilize reliable observing software then, at that point outsource arbitrage can be a worthwhile business. However, assuming you get messy or attempt to pursue faster routes, you can rapidly discover your selling privileges renounced and dreams shattered.


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