Tips to Apply Blush Perfectly

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A face blush amps up your face makeup by lending a natural hint of color to your cheeks. Once you are done evening out your complexion with concealer and foundation, you need to add some color to enliven your base. A blusher serves that function perfectly. Every makeup lover swears by a blusher, and it’s time you did too.

Here we give you some amazing tips to apply blush to your face perfectly. To get the perfect blush makeup, you need to take care of three major departments – formulation, shade as per your skin tone, and placement as per your face shape. We will unravel all these three departments for you so that you ace the art and science of blush application like a pro!

How to Apply the Right Blush Formulation?

When it comes to choosing the right face blush in terms of formulations, you need to make your decision as per your skin type.

If you have dry skin, go for satiny blushers as these will not be cake on your skin. For people with oily skin types, mattifying blushes work the best. However, certain blushers are meant for all skin types, and those make your job a lot easier. For example, if you take a look at the official website of Colorbar Cosmetics, you will come across one of their best face blushers called the Cheekillusion Blush which goes along with all types of skin. A blusher formulation that suits your skin type doesn’t get cakey or greasy on your face and runs zero risk of ruining your makeup.

Now that you have chosen the right blush formulation for yourself, you need to choose a shade that complements your skin tone.

How to Choose the Right Shade of Blusher for your Skin Tone?

When it comes to blushes, you should always experiment and go for shades that you want to wear. The current makeup trends are all about experimenting, and there’s no reason why you should stick to a rule book. However, certain blush colors look extremely flattering on your skin tone. If you want to pull off shades that mesh well with your skin tone or are someone who usually wants to play safe with their makeup, here’s a quick guide:

  • Light-skin-toned people can try using light peach and pink shades as these will lend a natural tinge of color to your complexion.
  • Those people who have medium skin tones should definitely go for warm blusher shades such as coral and pink. These shades will look warm and seamless on your face.
  • Those with deep skin tones can opt for bright face blushers in shades such as berry, orange, and red.

This shade and formulation guide will help you to pick the right blush online for yourself if you don’t have the product physically before you. Just look at the information related to suitability for skin type and the name/swatches of a particular shade.

Next comes the application part. Blushers need to be applied as per your facial shape. Here we list down blush application techniques for different face shapes.

How to Apply Blusher for your Face Type/Shape?

Different face shapes require different blusher placements. When you follow these placement techniques while applying your face blush, you will be able to enhance the natural features of your face all the more. Here’s how you place your blusher:

  • For oval face – For this facial shape, dust the blusher on the front part of your cheeks (to locate the front part/apples of your cheeks, find the area that shows up when you smile). Then blend the product by moving your brush upwards.
  • Heart-shaped face – Dusting your blusher slightly under the front part of your cheeks and then blending it upwards will help to minimize the sharpness of the face.
  • Square-shaped face – For this face shape, you need to apply your face blush in such a way that will soften the angles of your face. For that, dust the blusher directly on the front part
  • Long face – For those with a long face, you need to apply your blusher in such a way that it widens your face. Apply the blusher to those cheek parts that are towards the ear.
  • Round face – First, dust the blusher along your cheekbones and then blend it by swiping the brush upwards. Blending the product upwards will lend a more lifted look to the face. Also if you have a round face, go for matte blusher instead of shimmery ones as the latter will make the face look rounder.

So this is how easy applying a blusher is. If you are looking for face blushers that give an amazing finish to your skin while offering an appealing hint of color, then you should check out Colorbar Cosmetics. Their blush range is quite unique with satin-based powder blushers and a 2-in-1 blusher + highlighting palette on offer. You can also buy Colorbar blushes online at their official website and also enjoy free gifts and discounts while shopping.

Say hi to radiant and beautiful cheeks with face blushes. Hurry up and get one for yourself now!

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