Tips for online grocery shopping

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We all know that online shopping is in trend these days just because it is so much fun and also very convenient. Getting products right at your place at right time make it easy for all of us. It sometimes becomes difficult to spare some time to go out for grocery shopping. We have many responsibilities like a job, giving time to family, meeting friends etc and in all this; it becomes difficult to get some time out. Not only the young age people, but adults also love to order online as they do not have to go into every row to find their products and then carry the large heavy bags and shift all this into their cars.

In an online grocery store, you can find everything you use in your daily life like pulses, frozen food, fresh vegetables online, fruits, beverages, non-vegetarian, home care and fashion, personal care etc. Isn’t it sounds amazing getting all this stuff online and is just a click away. Not only this but online grocery store offers a variety of offers and discounts which induces savings. This is because there are no middlemen involved and you get directly from the manufacturing party. You will see a huge price difference in the bill when compared to the local grocery store. So due to all such reasons, people have started drifting towards online grocery shopping. But sometimes people face some difficulty in online shopping. So it becomes important for them to be attentive and cautious while online shopping.

Following are some of the tips you need to know while online grocery shopping:


  • Visit a known website– While online shopping it is always said to visit a reputed and known website which have some trusted buyers. Many people face scams due to trusting some sites which randomly pops on the screen and gets attracted to it because of the low prices. In return, they received no products or received a low-quality product.

  • Order early– It is not like that you will immediately get your products after ordering. They follow the first-come, first-serve basis. So don’t wait till the last time to order to avoid the consequences. It is always advised to order a day before i.e. 24 hours before to avoid the issue.

  • Know how the app works– While online ordering, some face the difficulty to operate the app. So you can choose the help setting in the app to know how to use it. Always use the coupons and discount codes wherever applicable before it gets expired. This will make a less amount on your bill.

  • Keep your phone handy– After the online order, your order may start get preparing. In case of any problem, they might try to contact you for asking anything about the order. So keep your phone handy to answer them to eliminate the issue of returns. Also, if any changes you can even contact them about the order or delivery.

  • Don’t be rigid– It is sometimes okay to accept the substitutes of the product because the products you want may not be always available. So be flexible and use the substitutes if possible. Also, it is not always true even if it shows that the product is available due to the change in inventory numbers or stock changing.

  • Location– Give the proper location of your place delivery. It is best to provide a landmark which makes easy to find your house and avoids hassle. Give a contact number which actually works so that they can call you. Also, if facing any issue, don’t feel irritated to guide them turn by turn directions.

  • Pick strong passwords– While online shopping, the app always demands to login by filling in some personal details of the user. You have to set up a password for the safety of your data. So to make your passwords strong, you can use uppercase and lowercase, symbols, numbers etc. Don’t set your birth date or your nickname as your password. Never use your passwords on different platforms as well.

  • Site security– While using an online app, makes sure to know about the site security. Do verify that they use SSL encryption. Also, the link should start with “https.” This will make sure to protect the data like your personal details, passwords etc.

  • Email scams– We sometimes get a text or an email about the order we make. If the sender seems to be suspicious, never reply with your personal information. This can be a scam to know about you.

  • Beware of the amazing deals– Also, we often see some apps which pop out of nowhere while surfing the internet. The deals and the products shown by them attract the customers to buy them. Don’t fall for the low prices and better know about the site from where you are purchasing. These are not guaranteed products and deliver bad quality products which are not worth the cost. Block and report the ones which look suspicious.

  • Track– Some online websites allow the user to maintain an eye on their delivery. They can track the location of the delivery boy and can make an estimate that how long it will take to get their ordered products.


So above are some of the tips you need to know while online grocery shopping. Also, it is said to use the credit card instead of a debit card as a credit card does not give direct access to the seller and also it has zero liability for fraud. Don’t disclose your information to any call, text or email.


All these tips will help you to experience amazing online grocery shopping. There are many apps where you can do online grocery shopping depending on your location. You can buy fresh fruits, pulses, personal care products, toiletries, online vegetables in Mumbai and other location as well. This is the most convenient way of shopping where you can save money and also get the products rightly at your place.

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