Tips for Improving your Brand Recognition with Custom Printed Corrugated Packaging and Boxes

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Thinking of enhancing your corporate reputation? Look no further. Of all the available options, it is undoubtedly the outer packaging that escalates interest in your products and brand alike.

How is corrugated stock better than conventional boxes?

Custom printed corrugated packaging and boxes differ from ordinary cardboard boxes in several ways:

Cardboard boxes use a type of paper stock called paperboard, which refers to anything made from heavy paper pulp. For example, cereal boxes are made of cardboard that is a single layer of paper pulp. The manufacturing process for corrugated paper differs substantially from that for simple cardboard. Such a box has three separate layers of very thick paperboard. The outer layers are flat, while the inner layer is fluted or rippled. The manufacturers of corrugated material use a very thick, starchy glue to compress and hold the layers together to make boxes. The resultant containers are very strong and durable and offer excellent protection for holding items inside from the turbulences the box may be subjected to during shipment.

Moreover, unlike cardboard boxes, these boxes use a single or double-wall.  A single wall corrugated box has a single rippled inner sheet, whereas double-wall packaging boxes use two fluted corrugated sheets in the middle. Shippers often use double wall boxes for sensitive electronic items like computers or televisions.

Apart from this, in most shipping today, companies charge you based on the volume of the package (the length, width, and height) rather than the weight. Delivery trucks that don’t maximize the legal weight capacity mean that they generate less profit per truckload. Shippers capture the loss in revenue by charging based on the volume of the box. If you need to use an oversize box due to the shape of your product, chances are you will pay a premium. Corrugated material adds lesser weight as compared to heavy cardboard and a customized box can also save you money.

Making a favorable brand image

These packaging boxes can display a professional and business-related look. Therefore, these boxes help to add a personal touch for earning customers’ loyalty.  Additionally, these boxes are going to add ease to the customer’s life by letting them be educated about the contents inside. The best factor of the packaging is that it can be made to reflect the intended clientage tastes to compel the customers to look for your brand when they go shopping. This guarantees that customers will come back for more products several times.

The boxes are providing the greatest chance to market the business. Custom designs on the packaging boxes are creating an effective promotion. This fact extremely affects the success of a company. Moreover, you can produce a unique brand image like a product logo that creates product awareness among the customers. How can a box be of such advantage? Here is how:

Engage more customers at a time

These boxes can be made to always differ from one another due to the customizable elements. These include incorporating exciting themes, bright colors, and amazing designs to craft packaging. Thus, allowing these boxes to significantly communicate your product message to customers. Besides, the boxes also provide an outstanding unboxing experience to attract and retain your customers.

Capture the customers’ attention with inspiring designs:

The eye-catching designs on these boxes add newness to your regular packaging.  They come in bold and high-resolution images that perform much-needed commercial purposes. Moreover, you can customize these boxes with quality ink that never fades away. Therefore, digital and offset printing technology needs to replace boring printing on product boxes.

Sustainable and Eco-friendly packaging

The boxes are created with 100% recyclable and Eco-friendly materials. They truly are of reusable and recyclable nature to help save our deteriorating climate.  This kind of packaging is helping to remove the ground waste. Moreover, the Eco-friendly nature of the boxes supports product quality.

Furthermore, the lightweight Corrugated stock increases convenience for shoppers and retailers alike. The high-quality stock ensures that printing doesn’t mark and the packaging remains to support. Also, these boxes help to cut down the extra shipping charge due to their lightweight nature. This kind of packaging allows sellers to ship small items safely.

These packages are here to stay

Custom printed corrugated packaging and boxes are as suitable for packaging food items, electronics, and cigarettes as they are for boxing cosmetics and jewelry. You can get the packaging in numerous types too. The most popular ones are custom printed folding cartons that are primarily used to secure the contents inside by adding extra protective flaps on the sides and top. Such boxes for shipping have been a staple of the packaging industry for decades. These sturdy boxes can stand up to repeated bumps and impacts to protect their contents against damage, making them a cost-effective and lightweight way to ship items across town or the globe. While technological advances have changed many parts of the distribution and supply chain, these customized boxes continue to serve as the industry standard for shipping. Here are five reasons that such boxes are here to stay.

1.     Allocate resources wisely

Obtaining packaging that fits to size is an effective bargain. Managing the dimensions helps to control shipping and packaging costs while providing apt cushioning for the products.

2.     Enhance value perception among customers

The products must look premium to other brands if you desire more customers to purchase them. How can you attain such a look? There are several executive features that can be used to make the brand appear more professional and better than the other lot.

3.     Advertisement at no additional costs

The boxes can carry messages, distinct brand logo, and style to set it apart from the competition while making it convenient for customers to remember and spot it at every point of contact.

4.       Enables faster deliveries to clients

Obtaining readily available boxes reduces assembly times and sets a happy customer base with short turn-around times.


All the above facts and positives of corrugated stock boxes make it imperative to have these within your packaging and branding tools.

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