Three Common Causes of a Noisy Wine Cooler

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Wines are at their best if stored and consumed at remarkably accurate temperatures. And a wine cooler makes your lives easy at this by creating the optimum temperature conditions for storing wines. These wine or beverage coolers are way different than ordinary refrigerators as they work more efficiently and harder.

These coolers are a bit noisy, and if you have been searching for Appliance Repair New York online on noticing such noises, you will be happy to know that it is quite normal. But if you find this noise that may be because of the fans being more distracting, you can get your cooler checked professionally, if there is a technical fault.

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How much noise a wine cooler usually makes?

The noise a wine or a beverage cooler can make it because of the fans as more is the number of fans used, the louder is the noise it will make. The New York Appliance Repair technicians have said that a standard wine cooler makes a noise of around 35-45 decibels. And almost all the modern wine coolers will ultimately have a few moving parts eventually leading to produce noise, which means it is nearly impossible to find silent wine storage.

Primary causes due to which the wine cooler is making noise:

  • The compressor: Maintaining the constant temperature is the primary function of a wine cooler to keep the wines at an exact temperature. And for this, it is necessary to maintain the heat and cold exchange cycle-accurate.

The compressor is the central part that handles this exchange cycle and is usually placed at the bottom and the back of most of the models. And you will get to know about the most skilled professional experts if you search for New York Appliance Repair on the internet. These technicians will check the frequency of the noise to predict whether the compressor is the actual reason or not. As the compressors are usually placed above a silicone or a rubber pad to minimize the vibrations.

  • The bottles clash: Stability of the wine storage greatly influences the vibrations within it. The bottles may be sometimes placed unevenly that can cause undesired vibrations and noises.

The users must rotate the bottles a bit to reduce such noises. And they should ensure that the top of the bottles doesn’t touch the storage door in closing. And you can also search for Appliance Repair near your locality in New York to interact with experienced professionals to learn about your model’s storage capacity.

  • The fan: Wine cabinets in your storage need consistent air circulation to keep the wines at their best taste. The electric fans within the system control this circulation. And the pitch of the noise mainly depends on the number of fans attached.

More extensive is the number of fans, louder is the pitch. And if your fan is dirty or un-appropriately positioned, then it may cause extra loud noise. And if you find no other reason for this noise except the fan, you can type New York Appliance Repair on the internet and choose the most efficient technicians for getting it checked. 


You can try solving this issue of undesired noise by changing your wine cooler’s location so that you don’t notice such sounds and don’t get distracted. Additionally, the wine storage equipment has a particular part named starter that produces a warning sound when the cooler’s temperature crosses the temperature range.

Besides this, you can contact the New York Appliance Repair technicians to learn about the various sound-absorbing materials available in the market. You can also ask the technicians if using such things will be safe for your wine cooler or not.

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