This Summer Expand Your Wardrobe With Linen Fabric

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Be it for a vacation or just adding some variety, linen wear is one of the coolest new trends sweeping the globe for the last decade. Ancient Egyptians used it to stay cool and comfortable amid the scorching heats of the Sahara. And for good measure. A lot has changed since then but temperatures which can make any attire feel uncomfortable haven’t. Fortunately for us we don’t need to look for alternatives.

As a summer wear or just casual wear in a tropical country, it stays unmatched. Which is why you will come across multiple fashion channels and blogs that won’t stop singing praises of linen and suggest it as the foremost addition that any fashion aficionado needs to make to their casual wear options. Linen is a natural fibre like Cotton or Bamboo so you know what to expect regarding comfort, breathability and texture. However, were you aware of the benefits it has over the latter? Let us look at some of the benefits:

Be the coolest in the room

You will sweat less while wearing linen fabric. Why? Because it has a greater coolness quotient than cotton fabric. You’ll be surprised to know that linen has a lower thread count than even cotton! This allows the heat to escape from the body as the weaving allows for passage of air and keeps the body cool. To add to that, it’s also ‘anti-cling in nature.’ Making you the coolest in the room.

Cruise through the summer

Linen fabric has a higher absorbency rate than most other fabrics, making it the ideal summer wear. There’s nothing better to wear while riding into hot and humid climates. Its hypoallergenic feature also ensures that any excessive sweating won’t lead to skin rashes. The sweat gets quickly absorbed which helps you comfortably cruise through the summer.

Make a statement

There are very few options that enhance your charm and elegance like linen does. As mentioned earlier, it is very much in the trend today and considered a very stylish fabric. Linen fabric with printed patterns is the current hot new craze among fashion enthusiasts. There isn’t a paucity of celebrities that dawn linen wear. There is no better way to beat the heat in style than the right linen clothes. Its customizable designs and varying styles make it an indispensable addition to making your fashion statement.

Unisex wear

Which man doesn’t want to look alpha? Be it a seasoned fashion veteran or a new convert, there’s one desire to rule them all. Since ancient times, linen was known more as a fabric preference for male outfits and clothes. It’s preferred for shirts, suits and trousers due to its unique texture. However, over time, linen has advanced into a new age fabric due to modern weaving technology and usage. Additionally, the coolness quotient and anti-cling factor have made it popular among women as well. Nowadays, the fabric has a variety of textures, shades, colours and styles available uniquely for women.

Variety is the name of the game

There are endless ways to utilise linen fabric. Thus, it is available in a multitude of options. Most are the signature soft and smooth but there are options with rougher textures for a different kind of appearance. Apart from there being so many options in texture, colour, style, types and clothing, linen fits all kinds of weather as is available globally.

The green choice

A modern aspect of linen for the modern generation is the fibre being eco-friendly. It is a natural fibre with even lesser environmental damage than cotton. It can be easily grown under the poorest soil conditions and barely any fertilizer. The process requires less water compared to cotton too. The flax plant from which it is derived doesn’t go to waste either as the flax seeds and oils are always in high demand in the health industry. This ensures that there is minimum wastage. To top it off, linen fabric is also biodegradable making it the Green Choice.

Natural repellant

This might be one of the most unexpected benefits of any fabric but linen is a natural insect repelling agent. You must be aware that stacked clothes in a wardrobe after long periods of time can become a breeding ground for insects like moths. Thus, clothes get needlessly damaged unless precaution is exacted at the right time. However, with linen you can rest easy that your clothes won’t suffer any such fate.

Stay healthier

Another unexpected benefit of linen is that linen bedding can help you stay healthier. It suppresses common bacteria and fungi thereby, protecting you from flu, fever and cold to an amazing extent. Hence, linen bedding is a great option when you have kids or elderly folk at home. Lastly, to add to the comfort factor – apart from the texture being smooth and soft, the material itself won’t lead to any form of skin irritability.

Outlasts the competition

Another highlight of linen fabric is its durability. It lasts much longer than the competition – 30% more than cotton to be precise. Even when your cotton wear would be well into its roughed up phase, the glow on your linen wear will show no signs of retreating. Why? because unlike cotton, linen wear becomes shinier and softer with every wash. This is due to the structural design of the fibres that help keep it in proper shape. Safe to say, it outlasts the competition and in style.

Just clothing? Think again

As if it wasn’t enough to have all these options for both sexes, it can also be used outside of clothing. As mentioned earlier, it can be used as a bedding fabric alternative. It can also be used for furnishing, upholstery and home accessories in as many ways as you can imagine. All these elements and shades to linen not only make it one of the most versatile fabrics for clothing but one of the most versatile fabrics period.

We hope you’ve come away with a new perspective on linen as a versatile fabric, not just for clothes but also for various other uses. If you’re still not sold on linen as something to have in your wardrobe then why not go through our collection and see for yourself?

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