Things That Make Carpet Cleaning Difficult

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Carpets are a good investment in your home and office. They change the look and feel of a room, also keeping your feet warm. Over-time, your carpet is bound to accumulate debris and dirt which creates the need for a professional carpet cleaning in London more than once every month, especially in areas that are exposed to constant traffic.

Most people feel that carpet cleaning is a easy task that does not require special skill, but this is not true. To ensure that your carpet remains intact and clean, you need someone that has in-depth knowledge of carpets, how to clean them, and the right products for cleaning.

Here are the common things that make carpet cleaning for most persons difficult.

  • Over-wetting 

    A lot of people make the terrible mistake of using excess water when cleaning their carpet. Over-wetting your carpet makes cleaning it difficult and the extraction machine would not be able to remove the water.Having excess water in your carpet could make detergent to attract excess grime and soil. This makes your carpet have a dull appearance and damage it over time.

  • Ripping 

    It is a common difficulty a lot of people face in carpet cleaning. When you accidentally rip out any part of your carpet, it may render the carpet useless, and you may likely need a replacement. If you decide to clean your carpet, try to be careful to avoid over-stretching it.This may not be easy if you are not a professional cleaner so, to avoid ripping out any part of your carpet, it would be best to get an expert carpet cleaner in London. A carpet cleaner has the right skill set to clean your carpet without damaging any part.

  • Stains from furniture 

    The constant contact between your furniture and carpet usually causes the carpet to get stained. Removing carpet stains from a carpet is a difficult task that requires an experienced carpet cleaner.If you can remove the furniture stains without damaging your carpet or you got an expert cleaner to do the job, ensure you get plastic tabs and place them between your carpet and your furniture. This helps you reduce the risk of future furniture stains.

  • Carpet browning 

    It is common to notice brown stains after cleaning your carpet, which is a result of the carpet wicking. Carpet wicking occurs because of the stains still trapped in the carpet fibres. These stains usually resurface when your carpet is moist.An experienced carpet cleaning professional knows the right steps and products to use to avoid carpet browning and wicking. A best carpet cleaner will carry out a spot treatment and lets the carpet to dry off quickly.

    Regular carpet cleaning is an excellent way to prevent your carpet from having brown stains or wicking. Ensure you always get a trusted and experienced person for the job, so your carpet remains clean and intact.

  • Carpet damage 

    Carpets are made to withstand excess and frequent vacuuming, but some vacuums are too aggressive for some carpets. You may not know the right vacuum to use for your carpet, and this is a vital part in carpet cleaning to prevent damages to the carpet and also extract all the dirt stuck within the carpet fibres.If you hire a carpet cleaning company, ensure that they use the right vacuum cleaner for your carpet, so they do not damage your carpet.

  • Carpet shrinking 

    You stand a chance of shrinking your carpet when you do the cleaning yourself. Carpet shrinking makes your carpet look unattractive. It also damages the carpet.Your carpet can shrink when you apply excess water or heat while cleaning the carpet. Using the wrong carpet cleaning method and abrasive cleaning solutions damages the carpet fibres.

  • Quick re-soiling 

    Quick re-soiling results when your carpet gets dirty shortly after you clean it and using the wrong cleaning solutions or excess of the cleaning solution may cause your carpet to become dirty fast.If you hire the right cleaning expert for your carpet, you can avoid fast re-soiling as they know the right cleaning product and the appropriate amount to use.

  • Shedding and fluffing 

    Shedding and fluffing means that your carpet is removing small amounts of its fibres which quickly get into your vacuum cleaner or always dirty your home. They are common with new carpets, but gently vacuuming your carpet will reduce the number of carpet fibres shedding out.

  • Split steam and tear 

    Over time, the part of your carpet that receives high traffic is bound to have carpet steams followed by fraying. Simply glueing the carpet edges will serve as a temporary fix for the carpet but you need an expert to repair the carpet and prevent permanent damage.

  • Colour fading 

    Direct exposure causes the colour of your carpet to fade, but chemicals and other cleaning substances can make the colour fading process faster. Re-dyeing a carpet is possible, but doing it yourself may cause more damage to your carpet. Always contact a professional for your carpet re-dyeing.


The method you use for your carpet cleaning is as important as the carpet cleaning product. Carpet cleaning professionals are duly trained to identify the different stains on your carpet and use the right cleaning method and products for the stains to come off quickly.

It is best to invest in carpet cleaning by an expert because it ensures your carpet remains in good shape, and save you more money in the long run as you would not need to get a new carpet.

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