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The Ultimate Guide to Content Marketing Strategy in 2021

There is a loud talk about Content Marketing gaining importance in 2021 for bringing people to your business. The reason behind is that content marketing provides strong brand visibility and helps to build a community for your brand. It educates the audience about the brands and offers the info that a buyer wants to know about a product or service before he makes a purchase. But resharing the curated content or following what others do will not produce much effect as this is a highly competitive field.

Read on this guide to know everything about content marketing and how to implement content marketing strategies to rise your revenue.

What is content marketing

Content marketing is the most effective marketing technique to attract a well-defined audience with relevant and valuable information about your brand, to create a strong online presence and to build a customer base to boost your revenue and growth.

To be a successful content marketer you should give the customer the exact information he needs in an engaging and unique manner. Content marketing is about the customer. Your content should state clearly “How are you different from others” and “How can you solve the problems of the customer.” If this satisfies the customer, then he sticks to your brand.


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Types of Content Marketing

Content marketing may be anything like:

  • • Blog posts
  • • Podcast
  • • Social media
  • • Articles
  • • Webinars
  • • Videos
  • • Infographics
  • • Case Studies
  • • eBooks

Why is content marketing important in 2021?

  • • More backlinks
  • • Increases traffic
  • • Boosts indexed pages on search engines
  • • Escalates leads
  • • Cost-effective
  • • Elevates ROI

Content Marketing Strategy

Content marketing strategy is engaging the audience with the most relevant and creative content about your brand to attract and retain the audience. It nurtures the relationship between your brand and the prospective and existing customers. The success of content strategy is lies not in creating or distributing the content but in bringing about a profitable customer action.

Why should marketers create content strategies

Content marketing strategies help the marketers to plan and produce strong sources that will bring traffic and leads. It will also offer the flexibility to experiment with other marketing techniques. You can also try sponsored content, paid content, and social media advertising to increase your revenue. These tactics can be used to create brand awareness and to educate your prospect customers about your brand.

Components of Content marketing

There are three core elements that make content marketing strategy more effective:

  • 1. Brand positioning
  • 2. Proper Content Planning
  • 3. Business Goals

How to position your brand powerfully

Get creative. Analyze all the aspects of building the brand image. Think about the ways to highlight your brand value, the advantages that you have over your competitors, and how your product or service can be useful to the audience. Understand that it is about your customers. Decide upon the target audience, brainstorm their expectations, and think why they should choose your brand.

Business Goals

Before jumping into content marketing, clearly define your business goals. Decide upon the budget and dot out the resources that you will need. Map out the benefits and the risks and how you are going to convince your audience.

Proper Content Planning

Content planning is crucial. Layout a plan to define what you want to achieve through content marketing, how you are going to achieve it and how the results can be measured.

How to develop Content marketing strategies in 2021

There are many strategies but let us focus on the ones that produce greater impact.

1. Research on your audience

Audience differs from brand to brand. You need to segment your audience according to the product and services offered by you. Don’t waste the content built to target potential customers on your loyal customer. Post contents to each segment specifically for quality engagement. Remember if the customer does not find it useful, he may completely ignore not only the content but also the brand.

2. Give what your audiences want

Go for keyword research. Start with the main keyword of your ideal market. You can use Google Trends to see how many searches the keyword has received for a specific period. This will show you the scale of demand for the topic that you are planning to write about. You can also use other tools to find the search volume of your keyword ideas.

3. Post new concepts

Become a content marketing expert. Let others learn from you. Try out experimenting on the existing data, verify whether the results are valid and currently relevant, do A/B testing and come out with your own results. Brainstorm on innovative ideas and strategies. Generate new concepts with supporting data and make others follow you.

4. Focus on your landing page

Create targeted landing pages. This will help to create and post user-specific content. When creating landing pages for different topics think strategically about different keywords and start to build content around those words. You can even create templates to get a high-quality landing page.

5. Find relevant topics

There are a variety of popular topics for which content can be created. But being relevant is important to attract traffic. Have an editorial calendar to publish well-balanced content. In addition, create a social media calendar to promote and manage your content.

6. Do a content audit

If you have been in content marketing for a while, run a content audit to review your efforts and results. Try filtering down the blog content into eBooks or to make one ultimate guide to offer information in a different format. Search for the content that you have already published but is now outdated. Upgrade the information. If your content has data, figures, or statistics then the numbers should be updated. If there is any content that is not valid anymore it should be removed or rewritten to suit the current trends.

7. Generate unique content ideas

Brainstorm to create new content ideas. Take the help of tools to discover new blog topics and to check the length, word choice, grammar, and keywords. Keep track of the trending topics of your business vertical.

8. Decide on the format of post

Once you decide upon the content analyze on the form of presentation. Framing content differs according to the format. For example, the content that you write for infographics is different from the content that you write for blogs and others.

9. Determine the channels to publish

Publish your content where your target audiences are. Don’t forget that channels include your own website, blog, and your social media pages. Have an eye on the budget and monitor the results. Keep improvising the content for better performance.

10. Cover every part of the customer journey

Every piece of content that you create should serve the purpose of increasing revenue and growth. Ensure that the content that you create covers the full purchase cycle to encourage and inspire the potential customer to make a purchase and to create a longtime relationship.

Let’s see how you can focus on each stage of the cycle.

Awareness Stage:

Create content that answers questions about your brand, educates about your products and makes the leads more aware of their need or problem. The content must be informative and entertaining.

Consideration Stage:

This is the stage where the customer wants to know more about what you offer. They need more assistance and information in overcoming the issues right in front of them. The content should guide them through how they can solve their problems and discuss the steps to follow. You can even illustrate how others have solved their problems using your solutions.

Decision Stage:

The content should be now focused on convincing the customer as why he must choose your brand and how it is different from others. Client reviews, testimonials and case studies are the type of content that is needed.

Retention Stage:

Frequent content pieces should be brought in about new products, and the ways to get more benefits from your product or service.

11. Go for a Competitive Content Analysis

  • • Analyze the content created in your market.
  • • Make sure that you are creating the most engaging content and the most different one. This will help you to stay ahead of the content marketing strategy.
  • • Analyze the topics, keywords, and formats to take advantage of your competitor.

12. Inspire your customer

Produce content that will make your customer your evangelist. Make them advocate your brand. The content that can enforce your brand value can push them to recommend your brand.

13. Generate SEO friendly content

Once you have created a content, optimize it for the search engines to get organic traffic. See that you have used strong keywords related to your industry, the ones with high search volume.

14. Repurpose your Content

Use the content that you create efficiently. Publish the same content in different forms in various channels. Turn your blogs to slide show, video, or infographic. Create useful snippets and brief description to be posted in social media.

15. Analyze Content Performance

Monitor the performance of your content continuously. Segregate as:

  • • User Behavior: bounce rate, pages per session and unique visitors
  • • Engagement: shares, likes, mentions and comments
  • • SEO Results: organic traffic, backlinks, and dwell time
  • • Revenue: new leads, and conversion rate

16. Pay attention to recent technology

New marketing technologies hit the market every now and then. Adapt your content to suit the trending technology to get more visibility.

The Last Words

Methods and forms may differ, but the fundamentals remain the same-develop quality content that is relevant and has recent data. Post in the appropriate channels. Don’t forget to upgrade!

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