The ultimate guide to buying the best LG TV in every price segment

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The South Korean giant, LG Electronics, is one of the most reliable TV brands in the Indian subcontinent. The company is known for not only producing TVs with unique features and picture quality but also for its price to value proposition.

Over recent years, the brand has also been working on manufacturing and supplying IPS LCD and OLED panels, which further diversifies the product portfolio. Thus, an individual looking to buy LG TV can use the following list of the best ones in each price segment.

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Best LG TV according to price segment

• Budget segment

Product: LG 32LM563BPTC – 32-inch HD Ready Smart TV

Price: under Rs.30,000

This 32-inch HD-ready variant is definitely one of the best affordable smart TVs on the market. LG WebOS allows individuals to stream movies and shows from OTT platforms like Netflix and Amazon Prime.

Active HDR optimization results in a richer natural image reproduction with sharp detail retention even in darker backgrounds. With internet connectivity, users can also browse the internet and watch TV simultaneously.

• Midrange segment

Product: LG 43UM7290PTF – LG smart TV 43-inches 4K LED

Price: under Rs.50,000

This LG UHD television model comes with a 4K IPS display that offers excellent color reproduction with fine details. Active HDR optimization combines with the quad-core processor to eliminate noise and create a dynamic true tone image with a high contrast ratio.

There is also Google Assistant and Alexa built into the TV, which suggests content recommendations based on an individual’s watch history and allows them to control other devices on the IoT network.

• Upper midrange segment

Product: LG 55UM7300PTA – 55-inch 4K LED Smart TV

Price: under Rs.70,000

This 4K UHD TV, with active HDR, combines with LG’s scene by scene adjustment technology to offer a richer media consumption experience. The 4K IPS panel and the fast quad-core processor reproduces sharper and realistic colors irrespective of the content.

The ThinQ AI offers impressive features like Acoustic Tuning, which adjusts the sound output based on the current content playing. Buyers also get a Bluetooth-based Magic Remote that offers several features like universal control and point and scroll technologies.

• Premium segment

Product: LG 65UM7290PTD – 65-inch 4K LED Smart TV

Price: under and above Rs.1,00,000

This LG 4K UHD television set is designed to provide the ultimate viewing experience for its users. Similar to the models mentioned above, this variant also comes with plenty of smart TV features like built-in assistants, screencasting, and OTT app support.

The unit is compatible with Apple Airplay 2 and HomeKit, meaning users can connect their iPhones and iPads to the TV and play videos and music wirelessly to the TV. This Smart LG TV can also act as a point of interaction, as buyers can access and control all devices on the IoT infrastructure.

That being said, a reliable finance option like Bajaj Finserv EMI Card allows users to make such big-ticket purchases without stressing the monthly finances. This card comes with a credit limit of up to Rs.4 lakh, which can be used at partner outlets spread across 1900+ cities.

LG’s diverse product brochure ensures that at least one LG TV matches specific customer requirements. Thus, prospective buyers should tally the products to make an informed decision and buy a television that best suits their needs.

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