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The ultimate guide to building a delivery services app like Postmates

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For many years, delivery services have been one of the vitality services in all types of businesses. By having a Postmates clone app for your business, you can be benefitted by utilizing the power of multiple delivery service options with just a few clicks on your user’s mobile device.

Be t  food delivery, flower delivery, medical marijuana delivery, grocery delivery, or any delivery. Our hungerstation clone app allows you to deliver and permits users to make an online purchase using the app. You can empower your users to a new world with our on-demand delivery services app like Postmates.

What exactly is the postmates app?

It is a multiple delivery services app that helps you deliver anything your users want. They provide complete products on time and give users the flexibility to select to meet their postmates at their door, go non-contact, and safely deliver their products at their doorstep.

The streamlined workflow of Postmates clone app

The clone app allows users to sign in using the simple registration process or social media accounts.

The users can browse and search for products such as food or groceries and choose the items as per their discretion.

The app script facilitates users to pay for the chosen items via multiple payment options available in the app.

The delivery request will be sent and assigned to the nearest delivery agent in the restaurant’s / grocer’s locality.

This feature in the app permits users and vendors to track the overall live location and track the orders’ ETA (Estimated Time Arrival)

The users receive the delivery on-time to their accurate location by the delivery executive.

The app enables users to rate the delivery agents’ services and permits them to give genuine feedback to improve further delivery services.

Unlimited options in a single app

Our on-demand delivery app, like Postmates, equips you with complete delivery services. You may think of any item that can be store-bought, and now you can add those into your app.

Here, we are listing out the multiple possible services in your app. They include,

Exclusive options we coded specially for deliveries done during the pandemic

We build an app with this remarkable safety badge feature that will enable the app owner to provide a safety badge to the stores, informing their clients that the store follows all the safety procedures and protocols.

At a time like this, your users prefer to pick their orders and not have them delivered due to the Covid-19. The store keeps the order ready for pick up at a scheduled time and permits the user to come and take away the ruling by themselves.

As this coronavirus induced fear in everyone, it is essential to make safety your top priority. Our app has contactless delivery as the prime feature, realizing users’ demand and the current inevitable scenario.

The delivery agent can take a picture of the delivery dropped off at the concerned user’s doorstep and send it to them, ensuring safety for both users and delivery personnel.

Power-packed features to include in your Postmates clone app

We incorporate a language of your choice within the app in addition to English as the standard language. We also integrate the app with a multi-currency feature enabling global users to access and pay for the service rendered.

This feature allows your users to monitor and track the real-time location and whereabouts of the delivery.

The clone app for on-demand delivery service enables your business and users to have an overall visibility of any ride for delivery that is being undertaken.

The app offers two options for your users. One is to either book for the instant pick up, and delivery and the other is to schedule the pick-up for later use with a specified date and time.

In the Postmates clone app, there are three options available/enlisted to make the payment. Either by cash, card, or in-app wallet, making the payment easier and safer.

This feature allows users to use the existing promo codes and referral rewards generated by the postmates clone app to give discounts, deals, and seasonal offers to your users, which will help in increasing customer trust and loyalty that eventually helps in drawing more users to your app.

How does the Postmates app accept orders?

We provide a user-friendly delivery app solution that accepts orders via the following. They are,

  1. Ordering from the application
  2. Ordering from the website
  3. Through phone call to the store
  4. Via phone call to the administrator

Ordering from the application

Your user can order their requirements seamlessly by downloading the app and picking from the enlisted items available in the app.

Ordering from the website

This option helps users to place orders using your app’s website directly.

Through phone call to the store

The users are allowed to place an order by calling the store, and the store can then process the respective user’s order into the app.

Via phone call to the admin

This feature in the Postmates clone app permits your users to place orders by contacting you or the assigned app admin. They can further add the order to the app.

Wrapping Up,

Thus, empower your on-demand delivery services with our Postmates clone app development, enabling you to have different types of store-based deliveries like food delivery, alcohol delivery, pharmacy delivery, and much more.

Dive into our high-quality, robust clone script enriched with salient features, and we help you launch a ready-made app that helps deliver top-notch services that match your business requirements.


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