The Ultimate Barcelona Travel Guide

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Barcelona, a city whose name can get that vacation-ready blood pumping through you. There are just hundreds of things you can do in this tourist jewel of Spain. It would be the perfect spot to go for a long family trip or even a solo one. Either way, you would find activities here that you would love. Also, it would help experience the culture and traditions of the place. You can easily make out a long vacation if you wish to see every nook and corner of this spot. It would help escape your mundane and boring routine. You can try out a new lifestyle, food, and adventures. What are you waiting for?. Book those Direct flights to Barcelona from US and go see this beauty.

However, behind every trip, there goes a lot of planning. You cannot just book the flight and think that everything is complete. The hotels, food, and itinerary can be worrisome if you don’t book them in advance. Also, it would be beneficial to go over the details and customs of the place before the vacation. You’ll get an idea of the traditions there and the things you need to experience. It will help plan that perfect itinerary, including the best spots. You should also plan the trip during the festival time. It would be a perfect choice to see the festivities and get in on the fun. You can interact with the locals and get to know their lifestyle.

Here’s a detailed and complete guide for your next trip to Barcelona:

The flight bookings

If you’re arriving by flight, there are some ways to ensure an affordable deal. It would help save those expenses and use them somewhere else. You would need to research and look for a while to get a cheap deal. Here are some ways to do that:

·    Compare the final total fare of the flight before booking. You can use the applications that show all the prices in one place. It will ensure the best price too.

·    Book during a low-rush season. Avoid the holidays as many people would prefer to travel during that time.

·    I prefer connecting flights if you want to save money. It would be efficient in bringing down the total costs and staying within the budget.

Where to stay?

There are budget-friendly as well as luxurious staying options in Barcelona. You may opt for a hotel, an apartment, or those affordable hotels. It would be efficient for people with different budgets.

·    An apartment would cost more, but you can stay there like a local. You can cook yourself and visit the local favorite spots. Choose this when staying here for a longer time.

·    You can opt for hotels by exploring all the options. It would be prudent to book them before your arrival.

·    The most affordable choice would be the hostels. New and more facilitated ones are opening up, and you can choose any of them.

Local transportation

Getting around during a trip can be costly if you don’t plan it. You can take up the local transportation or get private vehicles. It would depend on your budget and convenience to choose any of them.

Barcelona is a well-connected city, and you would find ample choices here. Get the local subway for a speedy yet affordable travel choice. If you’re here for long, consider getting a pass too. It would be easier to travel, and you would reduce the total expenses.

The taxis can be pretty expensive here. You should opt for them only if your budget allows or during emergencies. Also, you won’t find Uber here.

Other choices like the bus and private rentals are easily available too.

What to do there?

This would be everyone’s favorite part. There are just so many adventures and activities you can take up here. It would be a treat for everyone from a food lover to an architecture enthusiast. Let’s see some things you definitely need to add to that itinerary:

·    Your trip won’t satisfy you until you’ve tried the food. Spain’s local dishes are a must-try, and you need to take a Food Tour. It would cost you around 100USD and include all the favorite items.

·    Every art lover should visit the museum here in Barcelona. You can see contemporary art and have that artistic and enlightening vacation. Keep an account of the entry fees and charges of such places.

·    La Ramba is indeed one of those tourist spots where you should visit. If you love meeting exciting new people, this should be on your plan.

·    There are several architectural sights to enjoy here. You can see the Gothic Cathedral or the Gaudi fountain. These are just two out of many beautiful sights here in Barcelona.

·    Other adventurous activities would include seeing a movie outdoors. You can go up there with your partner and have a fun date. Also, a day at the aquarium would be perfect for your family getaway.

These aren’t the only ones you can do in Barcelona. You would find an exciting activity at every corner here. All you need is to pack those bags and get started.

Staying safe

You need to be prudent about your safety during every trip. Staying away from shady corners and having local contacts is a must. You should be aware of pickpockets here in Barcelona. Always keep a watch on your bags and other belongings. Also, keep them close during public travels. You don’t want to lose your official documents when in a foreign place.

Keep some local contacts and always inform someone before visiting someplace. Save the numbers of the police and ambulance before your visit. It would be a wise choice to get help in an emergency. Also, keep a map handy on your phone. It would be beneficial to track the route if you’re traveling somewhere.

You should follow all these things during your vacation. For the next trip, book those Direct flights to Poland from USA and have another fun-filled trip. Start planning and packing right now for your well-deserved vacation.

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