The Star Map Makes A Great Birthday Present

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The star map is a great piece of artwork to adorn any wall of your house. The dark sky in a frame appears in stark contrast to the rest of the wall making it look glamorous. Traditionally, such a map is used for understanding the positions of the stars. Likewise, this can be used for recording the position of the stars on a particular date. In recent time, star maps are used for that purpose and have become a popular gift item. The significance lies in the position of the stars on a particular day of importance. It is, therefore, an important star map birthday gift that the receiver will cherish for years to come. It also shows how much important the person is to everyone else.

Creating the maps

The star maps are created with the help of NASA data centre which makes them accurate. On request, more constellations and shapes can be added to the star map on birthday gift to make it even more interesting. In fact, you can even double-check the position of the stars to ensure that you have a correct record of the particular day. You will need to provide the designers with a particular date and a place. The star maps are created on good quality papers and framed in great quality frames. So, these are easy to hang on any wall of your house. These maps are extremely unique and considered to be treasured possessions.

Order and deliver

The sky and star positions are unique for each and every person. They also show the location of the place where the sky has been pictured. Either way, the location and date also remain printed at the bottom of the canvas. Customised star maps are unique in every way and a great gift to remind of the importance of that particular day. It takes around two weeks for every star map to be created, so it is best to be ordered in advance. Also, there is no return policy for the products because they are unique and cannot be reused. However, if the map is damaged in transit then you can ask for a replacement. Just order one online and watch your favourite person get surprised!

Unique and heart-touching gift

Customised star maps have opened a whole new arena when it comes to gift items. Most people are bored with same old gifts like books, clothes etc. Star maps are a unique concept which doubles as a wall décor. What is even more amazing is that these are not perishable and can literally last for years. It is more meaningful and heart-touching than most gift items available. Sleeping under a star-lit sky is a dream for many and these can actually make them come true. So, if you have someone’s birthday or anniversary coming up soon just order one by mentioning the place, date and time. Gift something unique this time and bond better with that person.

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