The Rise of Online Estate Agents

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When the pandemic turned the world upside down, we all had to accept that digital was the way forward. In the world of estate agents and real estate, they were one step ahead of the game. In early 2020, digital was already playing a huge part in the success of the real estate world, as the rise of online estate agents like Rightmove and Purplebricks began to change the property management landscape. When the pandemic first hit, estate agents decided to diversify their offering, which included simple changes such as moving house valuations online. And so, the success of online estate agents grew.

What exactly is an online estate agent?

With a simple search on Google, you’ll discover that many online estate agent businesses talk about ‘selling your home for a fraction of the price of high street estate agents’. At first, you’re probably sceptical. So then you start to wonder ‘what does an online estate agent really do?’ That’s an excellent question, and I’m here to provide you with the answer. 

The answer is relatively simple. An online estate agent offers property sale services through a digital platform. Online estate agents advertise your property online and typically save you money due to decreased admin and service costs. Lots of online estate agents advertise properties on your behalf through Zoopla RightMove and Gum Tree. Given the digital world that we currently live in, these property advertising platforms have a much further reach than the window in your local estate agent. These websites are especially beneficial for people looking to move to a different area of the country, rather than within the local area. 

If you’re selling with an online agent, you’ll likely be granted access to your personal estate agent portal. In this digital space you have the power. You’re able to monitor the sale of your property from your phone, laptop or tablet, regardless of your location. No need for long phone calls or length meetings in person. Instead, if you get an offer on your property, you have direct access to the potential buyer. This means you can skip the frustrating back and forth conversations that typically occur during property negotiations. 

Given that real estate is typically known as a secretive business where the seller is frequently left hanging, online estate agents grant an unprecedented power to you when you want to sell your property. There’s nothing worse than being assigned an agent for your sale who is slow to respond to your queries. With the online estate agent platform, you no longer need to wait around for someone else to get in touch with you – you can sell your house instead!

Why choose an online estate agent?

Simply put, people don’t need traditional estate agents when they can manage their house sale through their phone. In today’s society, everyone’s phone is typically within reach, increasing the accessibility and transparency of the house-selling process. 

On top of this, online estate agents aren’t bound by opening hours. People no longer need to be confined to the 9-5 restrictions when selling their homes. Having direct access to an online estate agent portal allows you to control the sale of your property whenever you need to. If someone makes an offer on your home outside of typical opening hours, that means there’s more time for them to change their mind whilst they wait for a response. If, however, you are able to respond to the people offering to buy your property almost immediately, then the room for doubt is diminished. 

Plus, one of the biggest benefits offered by online estate agents, such as
love2move, is a fixed fee service. This means that you can’t be blindsighted when you sell your property, because there’s no hidden costs. This can save you so much money, which could be used to furnish your new property, compared to traditional estate agents. 

Are online estate agents for me?

Online estate agents aren’t for everyone. 

Some people don’t want control over their sale. In fact, they’d prefer to have limited involvement until the sale is complete. And that’s fine! For these people, traditional estate agents are perfect. 

However, some online estate agents actually partner with your local high street estate agents to provide physical support alongside digital resources. This hybrid approach ensures that your house is valued by a local estate agent who knows the area, giving you an accurate and informed house valuation. However, you still have control over the sale and the communication with buyers. This may not be offered by every online estate agent, so it’s definitely worth doing some research. 

Property involves big money which means you need to be 100% certain in your real estate choices. That’s why it’s essential to research your local estate agents as well as online alternatives. Decide what’s important to you during your sale, and find the estate agent that matches your needs. 

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