The key advantages of an Postmates clone solution for people

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The COVID-19 pandemic is still raging across the world, but one of the businesses that are surviving despite the grim times is the Food Ordering / Delivery Business. If you as a start-up is enticed by this particular business domain, you can achieve it with the power of an Postmates clone solution in no time. Such an app is created to provide the best comfort for people who want to enjoy a delicious dish delivered right at their doorsteps from their favourite restaurants.

This blog will tell you how such a customized food delivery app will serve to appease the hunger pangs of the foodies and gourmets.

(i) Simplicity of Use and Convenience:

It all boils down to how these mobile apps are proving to be immensely beneficial to people who want to eat foods from restaurant yet are afraid to leave their homes due to the risk of getting infected by the deadly contagion. Thereby the users can order the food via the mobile apps and get everything delivered to their homes in a short span of time. This will further help to build the dedication that your business has in these tough times to appease the user base.

(ii) Time Saver:

People love food delivery apps for many reasons where one of them is that it saves a great deal of time that would have been spent in reaching the eateries, getting sanitized and waiting for their turns. With food delivery apps, a lot of time and peace is saved as one can order their favourite food with relatively few clicks of the app solution.

(iii) Cost Saver:

The food delivery apps provide discounts, offers and deals consistently for the ends users. The likelihood of saving money is more when food delivery apps come into the picture. Surely nothing is more enticing for customers than ordering their favourite food while also saving a lot of money through the means of promo offers, deals, special discounts and other such time-based offers.

(iv) Digitization:

Everything at present is getting rapidly digitized, and food ordering/delivery business is no exception to the same. Online food ordering is gaining more popularity and critical acclaim as it helps people in easily ordering their tasty morsels and dishes.

With menu cards ending up digitized, it is very much easy for people to see all the various cuisines and make purchases from their homes with relative ease. Thus, this concept of digitalization has been very effective for both the foodies and the businesses that deal with food delivery.

(v) Highly robust and secure payment methods:

With the progress of time, people have begun to opt for cashless payment systems. Everyone for sure knows that payment via cash can lead to the risk of getting infected by the Coronavirus, and thus cash payments have faced a huge decline during the pandemic. This paved the way for increased usage of payment methods that rely on digital transactions. This simplifies things for the customers while at the same time gives them the peace that they are not prone to the risk of infection.

Thereby, it is better to integrate multiple payment options in your food delivery app solution, which otherwise might turn away customers leading to the abandonment of your mobile application solution. Such options include credit/debit card payments, net banking along with digital and eWallets. The transactions must be instantaneous and robustly shielded from hacking or other security breaches.

(vi) Real-Time Tracker:

If you are inclined towards the food delivery app business, then ensure that you use the power of push notifications to feature what is called a Real-Time Tracker. This will add more user engagement as the customers can get updated consistently regarding the status of the order that begins from order-initiation, followed by tracking till the final message that the order has been delivered successfully. GPS can be integrated to facilitate live tracking and calculating the Estimated Time of Arrival.

Thereby, for customers, it is an enticing experience where they get to know every detail regarding their food order and highly satiates their curiosity on what is the status of the order.


At present, there is a huge demand for food delivery mobile applications and an Postmates clone solution is seen as the right fit for a food delivery business where the customers can relish their favourite dishes right from the comfort of their homes without being exposed to the Coronavirus.

So if you wish to get an Postmates clone solution that is built according to your needs and specifications, you can opt for the highly customizable Postmates clone script developed by Uberdoo.

It comes with a lot of new features and extra measures to protect both the delivery executives and end-users from the virus.

If you wish to know more, visit us at

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