The Four Stages Of Web Design

The Four Stages Of Web Design
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If your interested having a company in Sacramento web design work done, then you might be wondering what type of work is involved in that. There are four stages of web design that every designer follows while creating a webpage for a client.

Stage 1 – Layout and Design

The creative designers will start by creating the overall layout and design of your website. They will create the template of your website that determines where the text, graphics, and ads will appear. This will also be when they create all the functions of your page such as commenting or searching.

Stage 2 – Content and Navigation

Now that the framework for your website is done, now the content is created. This will be the job of the copywriter. All content is done during this stage such as the blog posts and keywords are developed that will help users find your site. Stage 2 is also when navigation is developed. Categories and subcategories are created to organize your content for easy access and smooth navigation. Sacramento website design will also do research into the best ways to utilize keywords for SEO, search engine optimization.

Stage 3 – Graphics and Colors

Now time to make it pretty. Here is where photography is added to make the page eye-catching to users. The website is fully functionable at this point, but who wants to look at a boring webpage? All decorative designs will be added now to create a attractive design for all the content and framework of the page.

Stage 4 – Launch and Analyze

Your webpage is now available to view. Everything is complete and now it’s time to analyze the results. Website designers will look at page views and how long users stay on the site to determine public response to the website. If users aren’t staying on the site long, there might be problems. They will analyze pages with high exit rates and adjust any work done in the first three stages until views improve.

These are the four stages of web design that Sacramento Website design companies will follow while making your company website.

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