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Are you worried about your current ranking position? 75% of searchers do not look past the first search page and websites that are on top grab about 86.4% of traffic missed by lower ranking websites. If you do not rank high in Google SERP, you may not be able to establish your brand authority or get enough traffic.

But how to get to the top is the next big question. This post is a step-by-step guide that unlocks the secrets of ranking high.


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Let’s list and breakdown the factors that get you high ranking:

  • 1.Analyze the Queries Report
  • 2.Run Keyword Research
  • 3.Improve your Onsite SEO
  • 4.Build quality links
  • 5.Make your website mobile-friendly
  • 6.Fix Google Penalties
  • 7.Measure your SEO metrics
  • 8.Use strong keywords to create better content
  • 9.Get to know the latest Google ranking algorithm
  • 10.Check the speed of your site
  • 11.Assess your current Google Ranking
  • 12.Go for an overall site audit
  • 13.PPC impacts SEO
  • 14.SMO and SEO are inseparable
  • 15.How does Facebook ad help Google ranking
  • 16.Reduce your bounce rate
  • 17.Boost your click-through-rate
  • 18.Rich Snippets
  • 19.Create a secure website
  • 20.Voice optimized SEO

1.Analyze the Queries Report

Go to Google Analytics and search for: Acquisition–> Search Console–> Queries.

This will show:

  • • The number of times you have appeared in Google
  • • All the phrases that you rank for
  • • The number of times your pages have been visited for these phrases
  • • How high do you rank for these queries

Optimize the page for relevant phrases that come from people who are ready to spend money. For example, a query like “pizza hut near to my location” shows that the person is ready to buy.

2.Run Keyword Research

Filter the keywords that your target audience is using. Find the search volume for these keywords. Take this as guidance to write the title and the content. Keyword research helps you to figure out buyer personas and customer life cycle. Don’t forget to focus on the keywords that your competitors are targeting and ranking for. You can use the Site Audit Tool of Ezio for free to conduct keyword research.

To make more money and rank high you should understand the difference between transactional keywords and informational keywords.

Informational keywords indicate that the searcher is not in the mood to buy. Queries like “Free e-book download” is one such example. Whereas transactional keywords like “Best dentist near me” show the intent to find a solution. Use SERP tools to make the research easy.

3.Improve Your Onsite SEO

Onsite SEO can improve site ranking faster than any other technique. Start with optimizing your title tags. Make them descriptive and unique. Avoid using the same keywords over and again. Use pipes [|] and dashes [-] and avoid ALL CAPS titles. Put the most important keyword first but don’t overstuff.

4.Build quality links

You will need some links to improve Google ranking:

Anchor text linking:these links appear within the content. Placing anchor texts above-the-fold can increase conversion rates.

Internal links: Link important internal images using optimized anchor text.

External links: These are external votes of popularity and have a profound impact on search engines

Editorial links: Create effective content and share it in social media.

5.Make your site mobile friendly

To rank well your site needs to perform well on mobile. Google has moved to mobile-first indexing in 2020 which means that if your site is hard to navigate in mobile, it will negatively impact your ranking.

Tips to make your site mobile friendly:

  • 1. Design them on a popular CMS platform
  • 2. Use easy to tap & large buttons for CTAs and form fields
  • 3. Avoid pop ups that annoy users and are hard to close

6.Fix Google Penalties

Dig up all the unhealthy links and remove them. You can use a tool to analyze the links. Harmful links come from

  • • PR-n/a or PR0 websites
  • • Sites on the same IP class address
  • • Web pages with a lot of external links
  • • Referring domain names with little traffic
  • • Site wide links

Once you identify the unhealthy links export them to refer to later.

7.Measure your SEO metrics

Analyze your search traffic. Social media, email campaigns and paid ads drive in a lot of organic traffic. You should also analyze transactional and informational keywords. While informational keywords still bring in traffic, it is the transactional keywords that are going to get you more conversions. Use different website ranking checkers to keep track of the changes.

8.Use strong keywords to create better content

Target a particular group of people with quality and unique content. Write detailed and informative content and supplement them with descriptive meta description and title tags. This process will attract interest, get your content shared in social media and will gather high-authority links naturally.

9.Get to know the latest Google ranking algorithm

Be updated. Google changes its algorithms every now and then. If you don’t want to stay behind keep the updates at your fingertips. It will also save you from getting penalized. While Google shares major updates, the inner working is still a speculation. You can check out Google Webmaster Central to keep track of updates.

10.Check the speed of your site

If your site is slow, you lose the chance of ranking high, and it will directly affect the traffic, conversions and sales. Even giants like Walmart saw a decline in sales when the page load time increased. That is why you should care about your site’s speed.

11.Go for an overall site audit

Have you experienced a sudden drop in organic traffic? Are you wondering whether Google has deindexed you? It needn’t remain a puzzle. Go for a site audit. We at Ezio offer a complete site audit for free. Use our site audit tool for an overall health checkup of your site. All you need to do is to just throw up the Url of your site.

Plus get expert reports and professional guidance.

12.Assess your current Google Ranking

You should know where you stand to improve. Use Ezio’s dashboard to assess your rank. Additionally, you can compare your position with that of your competitor. Login to analyze the SEO keywords and the top pages that you rank for. You can also use Google rank checker to see where you are positioned.

13.PPC impacts SEO

Use the combination of PPC and SEO initiatives to maximize your search results. PPC creates brand awareness and drives clicks to your site.PPC ads appear on top of the search results. Even if searchers skip them and move to organic search results, they will find your business listed there too. It’s like double exposure. Choose top digital marketing companies like Ezio to run your PPC ads for quick results.

14.SMO and SEO are inseparable

Having a powerful social media presence boosts your rank. To get the maximum potential of your SMO efforts you should focus on your keywords and use them cleverly in your social content. To make your post work magic:

  • • Use trending hash tags & engaging and informative descriptions
  • • Integrate social sharing buttons on your website
  • • Allow your users to sign up using social logins.
  • • Grow your follower base
  • • Encourage external inbound links
  • • Do social bookmarking and micro blogging

If it sounds too technical leave it to Ezio. We create brand awareness and build a fan base within a surprisingly short time.

15.How does Facebook ad help Google ranking

The indirect impacts of Facebook ads are very valuable. Well-crafted posts will naturally help link building. It also provides the ability to target your audience by age, location, age and interests and you can shoot up high in social feeds. They help to keep your audience engaged and entertained and allow retargeting. Check out Ezio’s Facebook ad campaign services and we can discuss the possibilities aligned to your business.

16.Reduce your bounce rate

Google doesn’t like users landing on a site and bouncing back to search results. If the users are not happy, Google punishes you by pushing you down in the ranking. It’s better to line up your content in alignment with the search intent. Also, structure your pages to be user-friendly and add visual content.

17.Boost your click-through-rate

Google uses click-through-rate in their algorithm and there is a correlation between “expected CTR” and Google rankings. So, the higher your organic CTR, the higher you will rank. To earn a higher click-through-rate use:

  • • Emotional Title Tags
  • • Short, descriptive URLs
  • • Featured snippets
  • • Evoking meta descriptions

18.Rich Snippets

It is a structured data-markup that you can add to your site’s HTML. They allow better visibility, increase click-through-rate and reduce bounce rate. Google shows them on top in search results as they provide apt information there itself.

19.Create a secure website

Google has flagged sites for not being secure and provides its users with 3 layered protections:

  • 1. Authentication: protects from man-in-the-middle attacks
  • 2. Encryption: keeps your conversations private
  • 3. Data-entry: prevents data being modified or corrupted during transfer

Watch out for these factors as Google has publicly stated that security of site is a ranking signal.

20.Voice optimized SEO

These are the days of Amazon Alexa and Microsoft Cortana. With Google’s Speakable-markup, you should think seriously about content that would be a relevant response to a voice search. As the total ratio of voice to text searches continues to rise, think of it as a serp tool to nominate your content.

Looking to improve your ranking? We can help.

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