The Distinction Between Commercial And Residential Carpet Cleaning

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Carpet washing is a crucial step in ensuring that the carpets remain in excellent condition for a long time. In the world of carpet cleaning, some people ask if there is a distinction between residential and commercial carpet cleaning, or both has similar cleaning process.


In this article, it will be going to clarify the two styles of carpet cleaning services and why you need one for your home or company.


Commercial Carpet Cleaning


Compared to most spring cleaning activities, cleaning industrial carpets takes longer and requires heavy-duty equipment that you do not have lying around your home. Many professional carpets cleaning services in Atlanta, Georgia, use either a large unit attached to their vehicle or handheld steam cleaners.


For carpets that cover a wider area, cleaners can be used for truck-mounted appliances. These machines are much more effective and efficient than their compact counterparts, making industrial carpets more detailed and safer. Although this kind of service is usually more time-intensive, it is always the best option for commercial areas-especially those with heavy foot traffic.


Residential Carpet Cleaning


Residential Carpet Cleaning Stone crest, Georgia washing will also take time-based on the size of the carpet. In most cases, heavy-duty cleaning machines, like those used by industrial carpets and covering wider areas, are not used.


After vacuuming the carpets, professional cleaners shift the furniture to remove the space that needs to be washed. Stains and other forms of soil are then collected using hot water and special equipment. If the extraction process has been finished, post-treatment chemicals such as protectors are added. Then the carpet is groomed to make it dry quicker and look healthier. Air movers are used to help accelerate the drying process.


Maintenance Process


Both residential and commercial carpets require daily vacuuming. However, with the high traffic commercial carpet sees every day, they would need more upkeep than residential ones.

Residential carpets require daily cleaning, but they will not see as much wear and tear as industrial carpets do. Moreover, if you have pets and kids roaming around the building, it is not as big a deal as it is in commercial space due to a multitude of staff and customers coming in and out of the office.


Depending on the sort of commercial property you own, a Carpet Cleaning expert in Stone crest, Georgia, needs time to provide cleaning services. You would need to set a date of visits from your trustworthy carpet-cleaning firm.


Finding the Best Carpet Cleaning Company


Carpet cleaning should be performed on a daily basis to protect the fibers of every carpet-regardless of its kind. Having a better understanding of the carpet you are using helps to ensure a more comprehensive and proper cleaning operation.


When you are doing your regular carpet maintenance, it is convenient to contact the experts instead of rushing to DIY. Specialist providers can save you more money, time and reduce the chance of ruining the carpet. It would also give you peace of mind, trusting that the final product would be of great quality.


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