The Dirtiest Objects You Touch Every Day

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The Most Dirty Objects You Touch Every Day

Most Dirty Objects You Touch Every Day

Did you realize that things you use on a daily basis could be extremely dirty? While you may not be conscious, the most common dirt objects are your phone’s keyboard, as well as your light switch. There could be a lot of bacteria in these items. Your best defense against germs and bacteria is to ensure that these objects are clean! There are numerous cleaning products available online, which means you won’t need to worry about getting a rash of germs.

Kitchen sponge

Do you realize that the kitchen sponge might be the most soiled object in your at-home? Recent research revealed that kitchen sponges were the dirtiest item in the home. Even though it is often utilized to clean dishes, the item could contain a lot of bacteria. The sponges are porous and an ideal environment for bacteria to thrive. They are remaking dirtier through microwaves.

To stop the growth of bacteria on the sponge, wash it thoroughly after each use. Use a dishwasher, or buy a microfiber sponge and it will last for up to two months. Another option is a silicone sponge. Alternative, since it cleans surfaces and won’t have to be replaced often. Apart from the kitchen sponge, you may also want to purchase the loofah. It is biodegradable and an all-natural cleaning tool.

During cold and flu season there are many who become extremely vigilant about bacteria. People may clean frequently, avoid sneezing in their cubicles and be more cautious regarding touching fountains, drinking water fountains, or toilets. The precautions mentioned above won’t prevent people from getting in contact with germs and bacteria from common everyday objects. Even the sponge in your kitchen can contain harmful bacteria.

Steering wheel for car

The steering wheel of your car is one of the dirtiest items used daily. It makes sense that you maintain it in good condition. While mild soap and water will work, it may not completely remove debris. You can also use chemicals that can harm the steering wheel’s material. So be mindful! Here are some suggestions to help keep your steering wheel fresh for a longer duration.

The most soiled part of your car? The steering wheel. It could contain as many as 700 microbes which can be hazardous. That’s more than nine times the number of bacteria you’ll find on your seats in public bathrooms! Additionally, the steering wheel is the one with the highest amount of bacteria. It is home to Bacillus cereus and numerous harmful bacteria. It’s no surprise that automobile steering wheels are the dirtiest thing you’ll ever touch.

The cleaning process is very straightforward, as well. All you require is a microfiber cloth as well as a car interior cleaner. Spray the cleaner onto the cloth, and then scrub the steering wheel using the cloth. Be sure to scrub across the entire surface. To prevent any spills, avoid spraying the wheel directly with the cleaner. If you do, the chemical will end up hitting the gauge cluster, and then seep behind the plastic. A few drops of cleaner along with water could go a long way.

It may be something you’re unaware of, but the steering wheel on your car could get dirty. It’s a constant contact surface. It’s an ideal place for bacteria to flourish. If you’re looking to ensure that your car’s steering wheel is as clean as you can, you should consider purchasing nitrile wipes for it to eliminate all bacteria. Apart from avoiding any germs, it is also recommended to stay away from touching the handles of doors.


Since mailboxes are among the main things used every day It is natural to spend some time taking care of them. Based on Angie’s List, you can wash your mailbox by using dish soap and warm water on both sides, inside and out. In order to keep your mailbox free of germs, spray the exterior with disinfectant. It is also advisable to take the time to scrub the mailbox for added cleanliness.

Hand towels for the kitchen

Hand towels that are used in the kitchen are among the items that are contaminated with germs you may touch every day. Based on a recent study, hand towels are one of the most contaminated objects in the kitchen. Hand towels are the main source of contamination and may trigger salmonella illness. The study examined video clips of people preparing recipes using a test kitchen. Using the same towels in different tasks increased the risk of cross-contamination.

Using hand towels in the kitchen to perform different functions can increase the number of microbes. Hand towels are especially vulnerable to bacteria since they are used to clean utensils and surfaces. Hand towels are much more likely to be contaminated by bacteria when they are in humid temperatures and hot conditions. Although the majority of the bacteria that contaminate hand towels are not harmful to healthy individuals, certain pathogens may cause food poisoning and can last hours to days.

Hand towels in the kitchen could spread bacteria in the room. Numerous people have developed serious illnesses from using hand towels that are dirty. Certain bacteria can be responsible for food poisoning. The study by the University of Mauritius found that the coliform bacteria and E. bacteria were present on 49 out of 100 hand towels for kitchen use examined after one month.

There are various materials that you can use to make kitchen towels. Linen towels, as an example, have a soft, pliable material that makes them suitable to dry delicate dishes. The towels are cheap and easy to wash however, they can take longer to dry. Microfiber towels are better for hand drying, but cotton towels might be better to dry. In terms of absorbency, the difference between microfiber and durability is minimal. Cotton towels can also be employed to scrub the kitchen as they’re absorbent and soft.

Light switch

Light switches that are dirty can carry germs, bacteria, and other bacteria throughout your home. Light switches are made of plastic, and pathogenic microorganisms canto thrive on these surfaces. In order to keep your switch free of dirt, you can use an EPA-certified Safer Use multi-surface cleaner and disinfectant product that removes the visible dirt and gunk. If you are disinfecting your light switch, be sure to avoid spraying the solution directly on the switch’s plate.

It’s not obvious, but light switches are thought to be dirty items. The research conducted by Simmons College Boston found that light switches harbor higher levels of bacteria and germs than trash cans. In fact, recent research conducted by the University of Houston found that hotel light switches had an average of 112 colonies of bacteria for every square centimeter. The light switches also generate unattractive odors that can cause product degradation. Light switches can be very difficult to wash because they’re always in contact with your fingers.

It is important to remove the lighting switch’s wall plates prior to when you start the process of cleaning. Most cases can be removed with the use of a screwdriver. Then, cleanse the switch using the directions previously mentioned. There is a bleach spray you can apply however this can be damaging to other surfaces. A different option is Comet which you could apply to a sponge and then clean the area until the yellow is gone. It is also possible to employ dish soap or a different kind of cleaner to bring the switch back to its original shine and color.

Switches for vending machines are another dirty object that is used every single day. Besides the toilet seat lights also accumulate grit and grime on them. Just five percent of houses are actually required to wash a light switch. It is possible to be wondering what other objects you touch every day are like. And, of course, the switch on your light is among the most commonly touched items in your home!

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