The Best Program to Learn Mandarin

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When you’re trying to learn a new language, it can be tough to narrow down your pick from a long list of options. That’s especially true when it comes to learning Mandarin Chinese. This highly unique language is beautiful and rewarding to learn – but not always easy.


Learning Spanish is not the same as learning Mandarin. Learning Italian is not the same as learning Mandarin. Simply put, there’s no other language quite like Mandarin, and it’s essential that you invest your time and money in the best program to learn Mandarin as a result.


Without providing yourself with the proper tools you need to be successful, you may not acquire the skills you need to truly master the language for lifelong ability. 

Here are some tips on how to find the right program for your Mandarin-learning needs. 

What Makes a Good Mandarin Program?

Not all Mandarin programs are built alike. When you’re looking for the right program, you’ll want to make sure it has the following attributes.


First, it should do a solid job of teaching grammar and vocabulary. Many learners are surprised to discover that Mandarin grammar is similar to English, sharing the same subject-verb-object order. However, that’s a far cry from saying that the two grammatical structures are identical. A good program will delve deep into basic grammar while also teaching core vocabulary. 


A good program will also focus on the spoken word. Many language courses don’t teach pronunciation or things like pitch and voice inflection. With others, like the Mandarin Reading Club, you’ll have access to videos and recordings that will enable you to actually hear the words as they are spoken. 


As a result, you’ll get a good idea of how words and phrases should be pronounced. This will help you remember the language for conversational purposes but also make it easier to master Mandarin as a read and written language, too.


Many of the best programs focus on this written component, too. Remember, the Mandarin Chinese system uses logographic characters, which means you’ll need to learn a large number of characters in order to read and write. It’s a good idea to consider whether the Traditional or Simplified version of Mandarin is right for you, and choose a program that focuses on your desired specialty (or offers training in both). 


Whenever possible, you should also choose a language learning program that allows you to hone in on your own unique skills, strengths, and weaknesses. A program that is individualized and self-guided (rather than one that requires constant prompting by a tutor) will help you learn far more efficiently.

Choose Mandarin Reading Club

The right Mandarin learning program will not only teach you how to understand the basics of the language when it’s spoken to you, but also how to understand every aspect of this captivating (yet challenging) language. Look for a program that is comprehensive and individually-focused, and you’ll have no problem learning the ropes. 


Without a doubt, Mandarin Reading Club is the best program to learn Mandarin. Give us a try today – and learn how to speak Mandarin for the rest of your life.

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