The Best Portable UV Light Sanitizer

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Portable UV light sanitizer presents a way to sanitize surfaces in a safe, effective, and affordable manner. Use it to clean the phone and disinfect the surface. You may also use that to clean a TV remote, your computer keyboard, and other handy devices. The sale of UV rays sanitizer has surged dramatically following the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic. Customers are aware of the importance of maintaining neat, clean, and germ-free hands. As there are many products available in the market, you may get confused about which one to choose. Therefore, you may read this section carefully to know about the best UV sanitizers in the market.

GermGuardian UV-C light sanitizer 

GermGuardian is the best sanitizer that kills germs and deodorizes the surface. It improves air quality and gets rid of germs completely and prevents odor. If you are looking for an air sanitizer, you should go for it. The effective sanitizer kills germs and bacteria that are airborne. You also don’t have to replace its filter from time to time. Simply replace the bulb of the sanitizer every 12 months. However, it may not clean the phone and electronic gadgets.

What features should you look for? 

The best portable UV light sanitizer would be the one with following features:-

  • Look for UV-C Radiation only for it is safe and effective. You shouldn’t go for UV-A or UV-B radiation. 

  • Check for the wavelength of the sanitizer. Effective UV sanitizer uses 264nm of wavelength and it is probably good. The 264nm wavelength can kill bacteria germs, airborne particles, pathogens, and also viruses. 

  • The best UV light sanitizer may be priced between $50 and $300. It all depends on your budget.

  • A good set of UV sanitizers carry compartments where you can keep the device and clean it.

  • The best UV sanitizer will take the least time to clean a device.

  • The best device will be user-friendly and easy to use. 

  • UV light sanitizer must clean 99.99% of germs and bacteria

  • A reliable, safe, and effective germ cleaning UV light sanitizer can come from a reputed seller.

HoMedics UV-Ray Sanitizer 

The device can powerfully clean and sanitize whatever you keep inside its container. It is meant to sanitize remote control, mobile phones, jewelry items, eyeglasses, and a range of electronic items. This may also sanitize the backpack and is also travel-friendly. It hardly takes a minute to sanitize the item. 

SmartSanitizer Pro 

The disinfectant sterilizer kills germs and bacteria up to 99.99%. The SmartSanitizer Pro is the best way to disinfect surfaces in less than a minute and that too in a chemical-free manner. The USB-powered device may be availed at discounted rates also.

Super Charged UV-C Light Wand 

This is again a portable, travel-friendly, and lightweight sanitizer. Using 253.7nm of wavelength, the device kills germs and bacteria up to 99.99%. It is a flexible device for there are several options to clean various devices.

It is necessary to choose the right device for optimal germ removal. These devices are handy and easy-to-use. 


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