The best places to visit in UK

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The United Kingdom as the world knows it, is arguably the most influential country in world’s history. At one point of time, about 2/3rd of the whole world was a United Kingdom’s colony. Naturally, the country has a lot to offer, both in terms of political history and culture. Some of the best places in UK remind you of the same old glory and mystique of the empire. Everywhere you visit in the United Kingdom, it will remind you of the glory of the British empire and how it shaped the country and the globe. 

If you ever plan on visiting the UK, you will be awestruck by the scenic landscapes, the pleasant weather, and most importantly, its architecture. A trip to the UK will let you in to beautiful beaches, urban sophistication and the serene British countryside.

We have made a complete list of the places to visit in the UK, if you plan on visiting. This article is just a rough sketch and it is recommended that you color the insides. What we mean is that we want you to explore the region on your own, at least as possible by you. This is obviously because the best way to explore a country is by not hassling over pre-made plans but to get on your foot and discover things as you go along.

Famous places to visit in UK

Without wasting any further time, let’s hop on to this train.

The Jack of all Trades: London

Although, you can obviously plan a trip to the UK without visiting its capital, london, it ia a unanimously agreed stupid desicion. The reason, London being the UK’s most vibrant city that boasts numerous attractions and a sprawling fun lifestyle. If you are one of those history buffs and want to know more about the country’s rich history, you should definitely visit one of london’s most visited spots, The tower of London. The tower is located just beside the tower bridge which stands on the magnificent Thames River. Home to crown jewels, this place was a former palace for the british royal family and serves as a display museum for iconic armors and weapons used during the british wars.


If all the history gets to you, you can take a stroll around the place to find out incredible shopping streets and eateries, both of high-end nature. These places however, can be a little heavy for your pocket. Hence it is recommended to make bookings with Airlines like American Airlines Booking. These airline offers are helpful in getting you cheaper accommodations, rental services, or even sponsored tours throughout the city.


Edinburgh, undoubtedly is Scotland’s most scenic city and at the same time of the most visited cities in the United Kingdom. Edinburgh is mostly famous for its well preserved old buildings and is the abode of the iconic Edinburgh castle. The 13th century royal castle sits high above the entire city on a rocky terrain. It features iconic highlights like the gigantic One O/clock Salute, a masked procession held daily at Half Moon Battery. The royal palace is also the home to the scottish crown jewels, the scottish National War memorial, and ultra famous, Stone of Destiny. The stone of destiny has previously been featured in a lot of Disney films. It was returned to the city after being held in London for 700 years.

Roman-Era Bath

However much flak the city faces because of its small size, it is all made up by the amount of things to do and see in the city of Bath. The city is named after the Famous Roman Baths, and rightly so, is famous for its hot waters springs. Each year, the city lures a million visitors to its warm waters, which have been present here for 2000 years now. The hot waters are believed to have more than forty minerals and are a result of three different hot springs gushing water at the same site. It’s curative property has enamored every tourist that has been here and is truly one of the best places to visit in UK.

Ancient Stonehenge 

The Stonehenge has been a question mark on humanity’s existence since it was first discovered in the 16th century. This 5000-year-old site is still confused with being either a solar calendar or a sacrificial temple. The most exciting part is that every stone present at the site was initially brought from around 160 miles away. How did this feat happen at a time when there were no tires invented is still a mystery.

Many Airlines offer packaged tours to this site. If you avail one of those, you may save a lot of money and get a comfortable tour as well. Making a Hawaiian Airlines booking is one such way to get offers regarding accommodation and rental service in the country.

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