The Best Pediatric EMR Software For Practices On A Budget

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Running an independent practice in this day and age is no joke. While most people prefer going to small practices because of the quality of care and time they offer, practices go through a lot of struggles. With a small budget and limited staff, there is only so much of the work that you can take on. That is where EMR comes in.

If you are running a pediatric practice on a budget, you may think an EMR is too expensive. However, we’ve compiled a list of the best pediatric EMR that won’t cost an arm and leg. 

The Benefits of Using An EMR

Running a practice comes with a lot of worries. You worry about your patients, the overhead costs, and the future of your clinic. You most likely have a small team, so chances are, the doctors are carrying out administrative tasks. However, you can save yourself the trouble of doing all that work by using an EMR.

The EMR that has been created for bigger healthcare systems like hospitals can be quite costly. That may be one reason why you’ve hesitated to look into getting one until now. However, there is some good news! There are actually a number of EMR systems that can get you the features you want at a smaller cost. 

This EMR software will be able to help you maintain your patient records, but also assist with other tasks. Using the right EMR can mean help with productivity, financial management, and administrative tasks. A common mistake by practices is that they go for big names instead of focusing on features. So with that in mind, we created a list for you. 

The Best Pediatric EMR On A Budget

Here are some of our recommendations for well-rated EMR options. These are some of the best pediatric EMR options for any clinic on a budget. 


First up on our list of the best pediatric EMR is eClinicalWorks. The software comes first because of its availability of unique features that work best with small practices. It is an adaptable software, working with both onsite and remotely accessible systems.

You can customize templates to your requirements as a pediatric clinic. Also, you get to use powerful telemedicine software to navigate care even during the COVID-19 pandemic.

In terms of pricing, eClinicalWorks is charged at $499 a month for each user. There is a free trial available that you can use to gauge if it is right for you. 


PrognoCIS is a tool that can truly act as an all-in-one solution for practices. You get access to dynamic tools like record management, prescription, appointment scheduling, and more. You can also use the software to manage the daily administrative tasks that the front desk staff often carries out. 

It works best with small businesses as it is affordable, quick to learn, and easy to implement. The software does not require a hefty learning curve and the support team is always available to monitor any issues. 

The pricing for the EMR software by PrognoCIS starts at $250 a month. 

Amazing Charts

We cannot talk about the best Pediatric EMR without mentioning Amazing Charts. This software is built for practices that operate independently. It is an affordable alternative that comes jam-packed with amazing features. 

The many features of Amazing Charts EMR include voice-to-text tools, immunization management, and lab integration. Through these tools, you can continue to provide your patients the best possible care, especially for young children. You can also get services like training from the software so you know more about MACRA and MIPS. 

The pricing plans for Amazing Charts start at $199 a month over a three-year plan. A free trial of the software is available so you can try it out before you commit. 


Next up, let’s discuss ChartLogic EMR. This tool can allow you to improve the work at your practice in a way that is both affordable and seamless. You get to access features that can improve productivity, such as online prescriptions, RCM, and documentation. 

One of the notable features of the software is its patient eligibility check. The software can immediately check if the patients you enter are covered by insurance. This helps you avoid issues later when you are filing claims and awaiting them to be accepted. 

The price range for ChartLogic EHR is between $100-500 per month for every user. 

Practice Fusion

Practice Fusion EMR gives practices access to tools like documentation, charting, patient portals, and more. You can use the software knowing it is built for small practices like you. 

The software has a seamless user experience on a number of devices. This includes your mobile or even your iPad device. This allows you to document on the go and means you can access patient files even when you’re not in the office. 

Practice Fusion is available for purchase at the pricing plan of $99 a month for each user. While the software used to be free, it is still an affordable option for independent practices. There is also a free trial of the software available before you purchase. 

How Do I Choose the Right Software?

Over the course of this article, we went through five amazing names in EMR solutions. Of course, these are the best Pediatric EMR available, but that doesn’t make things any easier for you. You may be wondering, how do I choose what is right for me?

You must remember that we cannot make a recommendation for you. What we can suggest is how you can choose the software that can be right for you. For example, a great way to start is by noting down the criteria of your practice. How many users you will need, the patients you see in a month, and what features are the most important for you. 


Next, you look through what each software offers. Whatever matches up best with your requirements is the right software for you. You can also consolidate your decision by taking a demo of the software or reading through reviews.

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