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The Best Hair Loss Treatments for Thin Hair

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About 50% of people experience hair loss in their lifetime. Some reasons for hair loss are out of human control. However, there are ways to prevent or delay hair loss. You can get the best advice at hair restoration in Los Angeles. Besides offering the best hair transplant services, they advise their patients on tips to revive the hair follicles. 

There are plenty of hair loss treatments you can find. The best remedies are the methods that give a high success rate. Best hair transplants and PRP therapies are among the best treatment methods. Let’s check the top hair loss remedies you can use.

Hair Transplants

It’s the first solution anyone would think of when you refer them to hair restoration Los Angeles. However, people are still skeptical about embracing hair transplants fully. You can get the best hair transplant only when you are ready psychologically. Your attitude towards the process will affect the recovery and success rates. 

Hair transplants involve moving healthy hair follicles from a donor site to the affected area. The best part to extract hair grafts is the back and sides of your head. 

The doctors can extract grafts from the armpits, leg, groin area, chest, and legs with advanced techniques. However, they will first assess the quality of the hair on those parts. They select a donor area by looking at the hair that would match with the hairs surrounding the affected areas. 

There are two primary techniques of best hair transplants. Their difference is how the grafts are harvested. In the first method, the surgeon extracts a strip of the scalp from your head. It’s commonly known as strip surgery or follicular unit transplantation. The other process happens by extracting individual follicles; It’s known as follicular unit extraction. You don’t get a linear scar as a result of the surgery. However, the cost of FUE is higher than that of FUT. 

Hair transplant gives you a success rate of 80%+. However, it would help if you were keen on the doctor and clinic you select.

PRP for Hair Loss

PRP is a non-surgical process to restore lost hair. It depends on the blood protein and healing properties to repair follicle cells. PRP repairs the dormant cells and stimulates blood flow beneath the scalp. Thus, it enables the hair roots to get vital nutrients from the blood. 

The injections increase the supply of oxygen to the scalp. Oxygen is helpful in the absorption of vitamins and minerals. Also, it helps to widen the hair follicles. That gives room to the growth of thicker hair. 

The doctor will prepare PRP from the patient’s blood. Thus, it is a safe method with minimal to no side effects. There are limited chances of infection; The success rate stands at 70%. Many patients realize an increase in hair density by 20%-35%.

Minoxidil Treatment

Minoxidil is majorly a topical application to combat hair loss. Men and women use different doses of the drug- Men can use Minoxidil 5% form twice a day. However, women are advised to use it once a day. 

The effective concentration is 5%. Some manufacturers will package 2% minoxidil concentration. It may be a cheaper alternative but hard to realize results with that percentage. 

Minoxidil boosts blood flow to the hair roots. Thus, your hair gets access to oxygen and nutrients. The foam is easy to use. All you need is to rub it on the scalp. You don’t need to wash the scalp twice a day. 

Minoxidil has added natural extracts. They help in boosting scalp health. Also, they prevent infections and minimize irritations. 


It’s a men’s only treatment for hair loss- You take one tablet a day for 90 days. They are prescription drugs. You’ll need a medical assessment before you can take the medication. It can cause serious side effects. Also, it is very strong and needs a healthy person to take it. 

Finasteride is a lifetime commitment. Consult your doctor at Hair Restoration Los Angeles before you proceed with the treatment. The hair loss pauses as long as you are on the drug. Once you discontinue the use, solid, then you will notice that the hair loss resumes. You can use Finasteride to pause the hair loss as you look for a permanent solution for your hair loss. 

Laser Therapy

The laser uses mild light energy to stimulate hair growth. You can have the treatment at the doctor’s office. Many people f9ind the method tiresome and inconvenient. Thus, you need to schedule several appointments with the doctor.

You can use laser combs or laser bands. You use it as the regular comb for the comb; however, you apply gentle pressure on the scalp. Use the recommended minutes according to the laser comb brand. You can still have your laser treatment without a doctor’s appointment.

For the laser band, you wear it on your head. Each session lasts a maximum of 90 seconds. It would help if you used it at most three times a week. 

Thickening Shampoos

There are several thickening shampoos in the market; They use natural ingredients that stimulate hair growth. Essential oils are the main stimulants in the formulas. However, there are other ingredients to aid hair regrowth.

You can also get medicated shampoo from hair restoration Los Angeles. The medicated shampoo clears dandruff and infections on the scalp. They also have ingredients that open the pores and stimulate blood flow. 

QR 678

QR 678 is a natural extract formula that helps to regrow lost hair. It has a 100% success rate. It is also safe since all the ingredients are plant extracts.

The quick response formula contains growth factors from various plants. It contains proteins, minerals, and vitamins necessary for hair growth and scalp health. It helps to grow new hair and strengthen the existing hair. 

The multiple growth factors aid in the holistic growth of hair. Also, the treatment is non-surgical and non-invasive. Thus, you do not get scars from the treatment. The process is short-you need less than a minute. The treatment takes 8-12 months. 


Hair restoration Los Angeles offers hair care consultation and the best hair transplant services. They ensure the patients get the service befitting the condition of hair loss. A patient may think they need a hair transplant, but they will be given a different hair loss remedy after assessment to help them regrow their hair after evaluation. That way, they get the best value for their money.

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