The areas where the human body regenerates itself easily

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Humans think they are weaker species. In fact, they are not that weak and they will be surprised to know that they can regenerate themselves but in some certain areas. It is time that we all now examine which areas of the human body are known to regenerate themselves.

Constantly generating new cells in the body

It is quite a wonder that the human body has an amazing feature in itself to regenerate and heal in response to either an injury, an illness or both. Apart from this, it also turns over cells via a process called apoptosis.

It is not possible to grow either new limbs or a new pancreas. Growing the latter is not possible if the human body destroys its beta cells through excessive consumption of sugar leading to diabetes. Yet at the same time, if humans are fundamentally replacing themselves with new cells in numerous areas.

The human liver also generates new cells as well

If the liver turns itself over to completely new cells after every six weeks, it shows that both the organ and the body are healthy. The liver is essentially the main filter of the human body and is able to filter out blood, detoxifies incoming chemicals and metabolizes drugs. It also secretes bile to help the body in digestion. Other than that, it makes proteins needed for clotting blood when there is a cut on the body.

With numerous jobs the liver performs it hence needs new cells. The liver’s constant workings do lead to overuse and even disease. When the human body indulges in excessive consumption of alcohol over an extended period of time, it can scar the liver (Liver Cirrhosis). This then causes the liver not able to break the alcohol down in safer forms so it can be excreted in urine.

The skin also grows new cells

Human skin renews itself after each 35 days as it is regularly exposed to the sun, chemicals and other things present in both the environment and the surroundings. THe process is important because an intact epidermis is the first line of defense for the immune system to defend itself against incoming attacks.

If the natural process of replacing skin cells takes place quite quickly then the condition is psoriasis. According to dermatologists: it is an immunological disease.

The makeover of the stomach lining on a constant basis

This is nothing new to know about this. It is always exposed to gastric acid and hence it needs to do so because after every 3 or 4 days, the stomach lining is completely replaced. Frankly speaking, if the stomach did not replace its lining, it would inevitably digest itself due to the production and presence of gastric acid in it.

The digestive acid is a necessity for the digestive system as it helps the body digest and break down the food items eaten. It also provides protection from external invaders like bacteria and other diseases. As a matter of fact, this acid is a concentrated hydrochloric acid. It is quite strong, to the extent that it can dissolve metal and cement easily. 

What happens when cells do not die?

Apoptosis is programmed death of cells. When cells age, they need to die and be replaced by newer ones. This is a part of the normal process of ensuring the body consists mostly of healthy and new cells. This is hence normal human biology.

However, there are instances the process of apoptosis does not take place and cells stop dying. These cells are not normal cells and hence become cancer Best Caribbean medical school. Cancer is a killer disease caused by growth of abnormal cells.

When cells are exposed to chemicals, radiations, or even various genetic and non genetic factors; the pre-programmed mechanism of cells dying will get turned off. These cells continue to divide up and make new cells. In turn they make more new cells. 


When these cells continue to pile up on top of each other, they form a tumor. This tumor is an outgrowth of a lot of infected cells in any area of the human body. In medical and microscopic terms, it is known as pleomorphism.

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