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The 5 Benefits of Hiring Professional Car Moving Companies

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In the US, drivers spend around 18 days per year in their cars. Considering that 15% of drivers say they’d rather break a bone than have a vehicular breakdown, it’s fair to say that Americans are very attached and dependent on their cars.

This means that if you’re moving soon, you haven’t even given it a second thought about bringing your vehicle. It’s automatically assumed that it’ll be going with you.

But how are you going to get it to your destination? Are you going to drive it yourself? Or should you look into Car moving companies to do this for you?

If you’re debating whether to drive your car yourself or hire a professional to transport your car, then keep reading. Here are 5 benefits you can get from hiring professional car transport companies.

1. You’ll Save Time

When you have to drive your car across the country on your own, this is countless hours spent behind the wheel. If the move is from coast to coast, you’re looking at a little more than a week to complete this journey. And that’s if you’re lucky.

There could be a number of unexpected things that can happen on your trip. A tire could go flat, your engine could die, or a sudden snowstorm could pop up. Just one thing can be enough to extend your drive significantly.

Even if everything goes smoothly, it’s still days on the road. Sure, you might enjoy driving, but it’s probably not what you want to do while in the middle of a stressful move. Driving your vehicle to a new city can be a huge burden.

Not to mention, this will mean you’ll have to take work off to pull off this feat. And if you have extra responsibilities (for instance, if you were a single parent), then you’ll also have to shuffle those around to be able to make this drive.

When you hire a professional auto transport company, all you have to do is arrange for the pickup and dropoff. Then, you’re free to deal with whatever you want!

2. You’ll Minimize Damages

A car moving company will have things such as open or enclosed auto trailers to haul cars on. Either way, your vehicle will be safe for the duration of the journey. This is thanks to both the expert drivers and the security of these trailers.

If you decide to drive your car to your destination, this will put unnecessary wear and tear on it. For older vehicles, the added mileage might just be enough for them to have expensive breakdowns either during or after your journey.

And if you try to make a long-distance trip on your own, this can be very tiring. This might make you more prone to accidents.

3. You’ll Actually Save Money

You might think it’s weird that you’d save money by paying a professional to haul your car. But hear us out!

For one, you won’t have to take time off work to make the drive. This means you can earn around an extra week of wages.

Also, if you made a solo trip, you’d have to make stops for food and rest. These expenses can add up quickly.

And if anything unexpected happens (such as a flat tire or accident), then you’ll need to factor in these costs as well. Basically, being on the road is a gamble.

When it comes to auto transport costs, you can save the most money by going with an open car trailer and using these services during off-seasons. In the end, if you’re wise about it, you won’t have to pay an expensive price to have your car transported.

4. You Can Move Multiple Cars at Once

Let’s say your household has several cars that need to move with you. Getting everyone to drive their own vehicle to the end destination is probably next to impossible. Plus, it’d be just too much lost wages to even consider.

The fantastic thing about using moving companies with car transport is that they can ship multiple cars at once. All you have to do is speak with one company and they’ll arrange for your vehicles to be picked up and dropped off.

Not only is this very simple to do, but you can usually get a discount for moving more than one car. So you can save a bit of money in the process too.

5. It’ll Ease Your Stress

When you have to drive your car from point A to B, you need to plan for multiple things.

For one, you need to figure out which route you want to take. Then, from there, you should find where gas stations are in between so you don’t end up stranded.

Next, if the journey spans several days, you need to consider the various hotels in your journey. Once you figure out which ones are best for your needs and budget, you need to book them. And if they don’t have vacancies, you’ll have to call around.

As you can see, this whole planning process can put undue stress on you. Avoid all this by putting the duty of auto transportation on a professional.

Reap the Benefits of Hiring Car Moving Companies

After reading this article, it’s undeniable that car moving companies offer you a number of benefits you wouldn’t enjoy from transporting your vehicle on your own.

While it might seem like you’re saving money by driving your car, in the end, you’re throwing away a significant amount of money. Not to mention, you’re also putting unnecessary wear and tear on your vehicle and wasting your time.

So do yourself a favor and utilize car transport services. We guarantee you’ll be thanking yourself!

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