The 2021 Guide for 10 Cross-browser Testing Tools

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Testing is a crucial & inextricable part of website and application development. It helps in gaining an understanding of the website or application functionality. Similarly, cross-browser testing is a type of testing that helps in judging the functionality of the website on different browsers. Through cross-browser testing, you can easily understand the compatibility of the website with browsers.

When a website fails to maintain browser configuration, it doesn’t work aptly with the browser. PHP developers in India always focus on cross-browser testing in order to acquire assurance on the functionality and compatibility of the website with the browser. Such testing is usually performed using cross-browser testing tools. Here’s a quick look at some popular set of cross-browser testing tools for 2021.


Everything That’s Tested!

Every browser that we will discuss later has common functionalities and tests the website/application on the following grounds:

·         Base functionality– It includes menus, links, dialog box etc.

·         GUI– It is all about the appearance of the website/application

·         Responsiveness– How fast does the app/website responds

·         Performance– The overall performance of the website/application


1.      LambdaTest

LambdaTest is a popular cross-browser testing tool. This cloud-based tool allows testing the website and application functionalities easily. It has a cloud grid where testers can run the selenium script for checking the functionality and conduct live interactive testing as well. The following is the list of its key features:

·         24/7 customer support

·         Locally or privately hosted website testing through SSH tunnel

·         Automated screenshot & responsive website testing

·         Easy to conduct selenium tests for checking compatibility over 2000 platforms


2.      Browser Shots

Owing to its vivid features, Browser Shots is a widely popular cross-platform testing tool. Not just browser testing, but using this tool helps in understanding the customization options like the operating system, screen size/resolution, color depth, JavaScript status, and more. The tester simply needs to enter the website URL, set the test parameters, and submit the test request. It has the features like:

·         Automated testing

·         24/7 customer support

·         Easy report formation of the overall testing


3.      TestComplete

Maintaining a test report of automated tests on cross-platforms is a must. For this, TestComplete is the tool that you must use. It is compatible with most of the operating systems that are being created using modern technology. The following are the features of TestComplete:

·         Provides real-time access to modern devices and operating systems on this testing tool’s cloud

·         Functions parallel across several cross-platforms without requiring additional configuration

·         Entirely UI automated and compatible with modern applications


4.      Turbo Browser Sandbox

Turbo Browser Sandbox is a tool that doesn’t need to be installed on the device for use. It is designed in a manner that it easily supports the configuration for the browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Opera, and Internet Explorer. Its features are listed below:

·         Easily compatible with different versions of browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Opera, and Internet Explorer

·         No installation requirement on devices


5.      NetRenderer

Although the world is engrossed in using Chrome, Opera, and Firefox, there are still some organizations that rely on Internet Explorer. Some PHP websites are designed keeping in mind Internet Explorer. NetRenderer is a noted free online tool for cross-platform testing that doesn’t require a special configuration for generating reports. It has the following features:

·         Screenshot verification of web pages under test

·         Live page assessment available

·         Spontaneous generation of reports


6.      Browsera

Finding scripting lacunae and other errors can be a tough nut to break. It can be avoided by using Browsera, a cross-platform tool for website testing. It is compatible with different browsers and can be used for testing and spotting lacunae. The following features include:

·         No installation required

·         Password-protected pages

·         Simplifies JS error spotting

·         Performs entire page testing smoothly


7.      Browser Stack Live

Undoubtedly, Browser Stack Live is a browser testing tool that remains a prime priority for PHP web developers in India and overseas. Using this tool, one can easily perform website testing over 2000 platforms including Android and iOS. It has amazing features like:

·         Zero installation required

·         Spontaneous testing in the real-time device cloud

·         A private network that doesn’t require additional device connectivity


8.      Ranorex Studio

Crowned as All in One solution for web browsers, Ranorex Studio is a major cross-platform tester. It is widely used for automating tests for multifarious technologies like HTML5, Java, Flash, Flex, and many more apps. Its unique features make it a noted cross-browser testing tool.

·         Easy tool integration with Jira, Jenkins, Testgate etc.

·         Reusable code modules for efficiency and less maintenance

·         Video reporting of test evaluation

·         Keyword-driven testing available

·         Operate cross-platform tests on selenium grid


9.      Comparium

Comparium is a new cross-browser testing tool. With minimal requirements, this tool allows taking screenshots of web resources with different browser combinations on the cloud. It has the following features:

·         All screenshots are stored on the cloud

·         Incompatibilities are automatically detected

·         Supported by all latest browsers

·         Real-time testing feature included


10.  Experitest

A popular cross-browser testing tool with automation features. Suitable for conducting selenium tests on multifarious browsers and operating systems. The features of Experitest include the following:

·         Real-time app interaction & debugging

·         CI workflow easy integration

·         Supports testing on multiple browsers

·         Conducts visual testing verification for UI responsiveness


Summarizing on a Whole

Cross-platform testing reaps the best results when done timely. Hence, web developers must begin with their web testing soon after the creation of generic web pages. The side-by-side beta testing of websites and applications helps in spotting the lacunae and debugging to make it even better before it goes live on the internet. However, it can be done when the website/application is completely functional but needs extra care and attention. With the apt testing, you can leave an everlasting impression on all your users by offering them a consistent experience regardless of the browser or operating system.

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