The $100 Startup- Tactics to break free from traditional work culture

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Have you ever thought about quitting your traditional job and starting something of your own? Do you want to live a life of freedom and luxury by starting your own microbusiness? Now, you must be thinking how is it possible when you don’t even know anything about a business. It doesn’t matter if you are a business student or not. The most important thing is- Are you a dreamer who is ready to work hard? If yes, then continue to read on!


The $100 Startup written by Chris Guillebeau is a book that is a must read for all the people who are tired of investing their time in the nine to five job culture. The author provides various tactics and strategies that will guide all the readers who want to start their journey of entrepreneurship. He has also added various examples of real-life people who became massive business icons following these strategies. If you are interested in starting your startup, then now is the time! Read this article to expand your mind with these life changing strategies.


The tips that can help you break free from nine to five job culture are:


       The first point that can help you achieve your dream of starting a business is having the right skills, passion and being considerate of other people’s needs. Amalgamation of these three attributes will give rise to an extraordinary concoction. (business) Some people believe that passion and enthusiasm will take them places. But that is a partial truth. Being able to add value to other people’s lives and having the right skills are equally important.


       Understanding the needs and desires of your target audience inside out is the second strategy that the author mentions in The $100 Startup summary. Sometimes the potential customers’ needs might vary from what they actually want. Therefore, it is important to understand their needs inside and out.


 Let’s understand this point with the help of an example. A wedding photographer named Kyle Hepp first asked her clients what they wanted. Then she deep dives into the  needs of her clients. The couples usually tell her that they don’t want any traditional wedding photos. But she still goes out of her way and takes a few traditional shots anyway. It is  because she knows that the families of the bride and groom will be happy to have them later which will make the couple happy too.


       The third strategy mentioned by author Chris Guillebeau is working on advertising your products or services creatively and clearly. Once again he places emphasis on understanding the needs of the customers which means marketing only those products that they will prefer.


Including this point with Strategic giving can yield even amazing results. Strategic giving means giving the products to some customers and stakeholders free of cost. The customers will get moved by this gesture and in turn will help you market the product effectively either by sharing it on their social media or by giving positive reviews.


You can check out The $100 Startup book if you wish to learn more about strategic giving.

       Now that you are thorough with the process of selecting the right product and how to market it, it’s time to move on to successfully launching it. Being prepared about any emergency ensures smooth launching.


       Focusing on making money and profits is the next strategy mentioned by the author in The $100 Startup short summary. He says that being aware of the cost incurred in producing goods and making profits is an imperative part of running a successful business. The author also encourages the budding entrepreneurs to acknowledge their worth and not be hesitant in raising the prices of their products.


       In the last point the author places strong emphasis on running one’s own race and not becoming a victim of harmful competition. By this he means expanding the business according to one’s own needs. If an entrepreneur is content in running a small business, then he must run it on a small scale only. Making it large scale only to show off the competitors is not required.


The author also adds that focusing on making simple yet clear long-term plans is a way to go. Concentrating on the plan of action makes this point complete.


If you want to learn about these points in detail, then you can read The $100 Startup book summary.  Both the book summaries and audiobook summaries are available on various book summaries websites.


The author adds a quick nugget of information at the end. He says that the most difficult thing that an entrepreneur has to overcome in his/ her journey is to take the first step and conquer their inhibitions. If they emerge victorious, then it becomes super easy to start the $100 start-up journey.

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