Tesco Clone App -A White Label Grocery App Solution For Your Business

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Are you looking to shift your traditional grocery business to an app? Are you looking for expansion of your grocery business to reach more users? Do you want your grocery brand to make it big? If the answers to all these questions are Yes, read on you are on the right page.

Tesco clone app is a flexible, and scalable on demand grocery app ideal for any size grocery business.

People are busy leading a hectic life balancing their work, career, and personal lives. The last thing they want is to spend their weekends standing in the queue of the grocery store. Fortunately, apps like Tesco are there that make grocery shopping quick and convenient. The on demand app lets you shop from the grocery store and get you delivered right at your doorstep at your suggested time. It is that easy and that basic and very quick.

Give Your Grocery Store A New Dimension – Tesco Clone App Advance Features

If you are looking to take your grocery store business to the next level- the Tesco clone app is what you need. It is a successful business model designed to give you maximum return in a short period.

The app lets your users place orders for their groceries – single or multiple store groceries and get them delivered at the doorstep. The app is integrated with robust scalable features that help you with a seamless transition even when you wish to expand your business in the future.

In times like COVID, it is the right business approach that will give you profitable returns in short time.

Features included in Tesco Clone App Solution

No matter what size of grocery store you are running, developing a mobile app like Tesco clone can help provide a seamless experience to your customers satisfying their grocery demands. The Tesco clone app comes inclusive of all essential features that ensures business success.

The clone app is divided into 4 panels with each of them having respective features, giving a complete freedom over business activity.

The customer app

·       Social media registration/login

·       Browse the grocery stores nearby

·       Browse the products

·       Adding to the cart

·       Search product categories

·       Payment

·       Ratings and reviews

     Delivery driver app

·       Quick login and registration

·       Accept / decline delivery request

·       Earning reports

·       View delivery location on map

·       Manage availability

·       Manage vehicles

·       Manage documents

·       My wallet

Store App

·       Manage grocery items

·       Manage orders

·       Manage categories of items

·       Track incoming orders

·       Track processed orders

·       Check history of delivery

·       Earning reports

·       Manage billing and reporting


·       Social media signup

·       Profile / Edit profile

·       Orders

·       Create orders

·       My wallet

·       Manage vehicle

·       Browse grocery stores

Admin Panel

·       Dynamic dashboard

·       Map view of orders, grocery stores and drivers

·       Access to the records of users

·       Details on delivery drivers

·       Payment reports

·       Admin earning reports

·       Access to stores intimation on updates / charges

·       Mass push notifications

Concluding Note

When you are looking to develop an excellent app for your grocery store, it becomes crucial to get the guidance of a mobile app development company. The team is expert and has the know-how of the market thus, helps you to make your product better, effective, and stand out from the rest.

The grocery delivery app like tesco is a readymade white label solution, built with customized features. The development cost entirely depends on the type of grocery clone app you developed. Thus; seeking the support of a pro app development firm that ensures excellent solution suiting your business requirements offered at a pocket-friendly price.

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