Ten Car Fix ups for Spring

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Be very careful, Spring is upon us, and it’s time to take a look at the car’s systems. As spring approaches, let’s see what factors could be contributing to an increase in the number of a Japanese car in Uganda that will require maintenance. The spring months of 2021 could be an important time for vehicle maintenance. In fact, there are several factors that contribute to making them particularly challenging months for mechanics.

EU and EFTA data show that new registrations over the past years peaked in April. This means that the annual inspections, vehicle efficiency tests, and various checks will likely coincide. 2021 is also characterized by the COVID-19 situation. The pandemic has forced many governments to grant an extension on the deadline for revisions required by law; requests for review and assistance are therefore likely to start increasing in the coming months.

Bodywork and Wipers:

The bodywork, that is, the car’s protector, is the part that is most affected by winter weather. The traces on it are often visible, such as damage to the paint or parts attacked by rust. Winter is one of the biggest enemies of wiper blades. It is no mystery that frequent use damages wiper tires. Wipers always allow optimal visibility and, therefore, greater safety. If necessary, replace the wipers. Fill the washer reservoir with a summer mixture.

In addition to cracks due to their use on an icy windshield, the windscreen wipers are also damaged and deteriorated by low temperatures. For this reason, it would be advisable to replace the blades at least once a year or when they no longer touch the surface of the windshield.

Healthy Air and Liquids:

The filter for the interior, as a rule, should be replaced periodically. It is an opportunity to equip the car with a new filter that protects from harmful substances such as dust, bacteria, and pollen, etc. It is necessary to check the state and level of the various liquids and, if necessary, top-up or replace them. For liquids, it shall mean the engine oil, the cooling fluid, the battery electrolyte, the brake fluid, power steering, and the windscreen washer system water.

Lamps and Headlamps:

The driver can also check the lighting system himself, that are the headlights and lamps, etc. Moisture or scattered gravel in winter could have damaged the headlights, dulling reflectors, or cracking the crystals in Japanese car in Uganda.

Car Wash and Paint:

Before moving on to the car wash, it is advisable to remove stubborn dirt with a high-pressure cleaner. Make sure you choose a program at Car wash with underbody cleaning to thoroughly remove all salt residues here as well. Salt, bird droppings, and resin ruin the paint. After washing, check the car for paint damage and repair if necessary. And don’t forget to keep the paint nice.

Dirt and Dust:

Open all the doors and let the air inflow well. Remove the mats, clean, and vacuum. Rub the inner fabric or felt linings with a rubber glove in the direction of the grain. This way, you can easily remove pet hair and other wastes. Vacuum your car thoroughly, including the trunk. Dust off the door panels, dashboard, and other plastic items and wipe with a damp cloth. Clean the door and window seals with hot water, then grease them. Clean all the glass inside with a glass cleaner. Lower the side windows so you can also remove dirt in the grooves.

Replace the Tires:

Experts advise against “running out” of winter tires in the summer. In summer, it is easier to apply the brake with summer tires on both dry and wet roads. Before mounting them, check if they still have a good profile and have them rebalanced. Warning: those who live in high altitude areas are advised to wait.

Some local governments have taken advantage of the lockdown to repair roads, winter potholes caused by bad weather can damage tires, and wheel suspensions can become misaligned.

The Pneumatic and Tire Pressure Control System modules, on the other hand, indicate the optimal pressure for each tire size and the particular procedures involved in resetting the tire pressure control systems.

Inside Bonnet:

Brake fluid, oil level, coolant, battery charge, lights, brakes, and shock absorbers – best have them checked in your garage. Perhaps the next periodic inspection of the Japanese car in Uganda is imminent anyway. You can also take advantage of this to do an exhaust gas test if necessary. If the car exhaust has cracks or holes due to the cold, these must be welded.

Air Conditioners:

Japanese car in Uganda that is left unused for long periods are subject to high levels of humidity, which over time corrodes the air conditioner valves. Seals also deteriorate over time if not used regularly. So, you need to pay attention to those.


Under normal circumstances, Japanese car in Uganda should be used at least once a week to avoid battery deterioration. Cold temperatures can further degrade battery performance, and try to restart it can cause permanent damage. It would be good to offer customers the option to replace the battery in advance, especially if the vehicle has not been used in the winter months.


The potholes are caused by the expansion of the water that freezes in the cracks in the road surface. Vehicles passing over the cracks make them deeper, and this can cause damage to tires, alloys, springs, suspension components, as well as change wheel alignment. That’s why it’s important to check these parts carefully during spring reviews.

Vehicles that were used little during the lockdown may also have suffered suspension damage due to cracks and wear. The UK roadside assistance agency reports that this scenario is particularly dangerous in areas near saltwater bodies.

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