Taxi booking app solutions to ensure the safety of your drivers during COVID-19

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2020- The year that changed everything. What we considered normal is bygone. 

Nowadays, people prefer safety over anything else. Cab rides seem to flourish over public transports. Unprecedented times require unprecedented measures. Hence, it’s essential to consider that before starting a business. Valuing the customer’s safety will give your brand the much needed humanitarian recognition and secure a place in people’s hearts and minds. 

Entrepreneurs can capitalize on this and set themselves apart from the competition by adhering to the safety protocols. Here’s a guide on how to ensure both the safety of your employees and customers.


  • Establish the safety of your drivers


Getting a workforce can be difficult during these testing times. So ensuring the safety of the drivers should be an entrepreneur’s top priority. Establishing crystal clear safety guidelines will retain the trust of both your employees and customers. Some of the policies could include: wearing masks all the time while driving, providing hands-free sanitizers, and asking them to disinfect their cabs after every ride. 


  • Award and bonuses for drivers who perform exceptionally


Rewarding drivers who perform exceptionally well will motivate them to work harder. Ultimately your business thrives on their performance, so paying those who do a good job will aid in flourishing the company as well as earn loyalty from the drivers.


  • Using COVID-19 tracker

To track the bouts of infection in the neighborhood and choose whether or not pick up a customer from that place.


  • No cancellation fee

During these unforeseen times, no cancellation fee should be collected from both the rider and drivers who choose to cancel rides.


  • Two passenger limit

By adhering to the regulations, only two passengers should be allowed to travel in a cab.


  • Temporarily disable sharing rides option.

By temporarily disabling the sharing rides option, you minimize the risk of developing infection for both the customers and the drivers.


It’s essential to develop a taxi app by keeping all these safety protocols in mind that is customizable and cost-effective to earn maximum revenue and brand recognition. One foolproof way to do it is using readily available taxi apps like Uber clone.


Advantages of using a taxi app development company to develop a taxi booking app


  • Customizable and white label solutions

They provide customizable and white label solutions that are ready to use and economical.

  • Offer end to end support 

They offer support round the clock.

  • Easy server deployment

The experts will assist you with server deployment.

  • Multi payment gateways

According to your requirements, payment gateways can be customized.

  • Scalable solutions 

The solution provided can be upgraded by contacting the company.

  • Fastest entry to the market

It is the most cost-effective and easiest way to enter the market swiftly. 

Uber clone– a ready-made solution for a successful venture into the taxi industry

The secret behind a successful business venture is the ability to bridge the gap between demand and supply. With the rising demand for online taxi booking apps, you can bridge the gap by launching your very own taxi booking app. Uber clone provides the benefits of the original added with innovative features. 


How will the uber clone enhance your business?

  • Improved cost-efficiency

Increase the speed of your business and cut down on costs and workload using the app to improve the overall efficiency of your business

  • Robust fleet management

Manage large fleets with ease and seamlessness. 

  • Expand your business

The global user base that will be gained through the app will help in expanding your business and earn an international reputation for your business.

  • Maximize profits

By meeting the demands of the public, your company will gain more profits and help you get revenue from various streams. 


Key benefits of the uber app solution

  • Seamless taxi booking

  • Built-in navigation

  • Multiple payment options

  • Promo codes and referrals

  • Easy to use

  • Efficient taxi dispatch


In a nutshell,

Taxi industry is growing leaps and bounds every year. Online taxi booking is the future. Bridge the gap between supply and demand by providing an efficient online application to book taxis and earn global recognition and revenue. 

In addition to ensuring the safety of drivers, entrepreneurs can also focus on increasing their income from other monetary sources. Innovative ideas will create new opportunities for the company and lead to the positive development of the company. For entrepreneurs, it also holds exciting business prospects. Set foot into this lucrative and profitable venture using the Uber clone and reap the benefits. Put your business name on the map! 


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