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Five Use Cases of Blockchain in Banking Mobile Apps

Posted in Business Products & Services

3 mn read Blockchain has become a buzzword in recent times. It is widely used in banking apps to keep transactions safe and secure. This article will discuss some of its uses in banking mobile apps. Blockchain technology is sometimes also referred to as a “distributed ledger.” The main principle of this technology is that it is decentralized and […]

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Investing in a home in London

Posted in Real Estate

3 mn read You have been in the United Kingdom for many years, and little by little, with great difficulty, you have earned a decent salary, a small but faithful group of friends, and maybe you even plan to raise a family. This means that the time has come to take the plunge, and start pondering the hypothesis […]

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Advantage Of ISO 27001- Information Security Management System

Posted in Business

3 mn read Nowadays the cases of security breaches have increased which resulted in an increase of crimes in organizations. In order to tackle this, organizations are implementing an information security management system that will help in eliminating or decreasing the risk of security breaches that would give organizations legal or business continuity implications. ISO 27001 Certification is […]

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How to lead and manage remotely: Adjusting to the COVID-19

Posted in Business

4 mn read Every manager is faced with remote working and managing remote teams. While this format may not work for everyone, sometimes it is simply unavoidable. Just like nowadays, due to the pandemic. We must adjust, that is inevitable. If you have been entrusted with leading remote employees, use principles that will help build strong connections within […]

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PRINCE2 Online Project Management

Posted in Miscellaneous

3 mn read The field of project management has evolved quite significantly over the past decade. The sophisticated IT market has spawned more project and program management professionals.  That figure is on the rise, also. Something that a prince2 course online e-learning can help with. A project is a temporary effort seeking to involve one or more people, material, resources, […]

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Project Management Broken Down

Posted in Miscellaneous

3 mn read A project is usually broken down into phases, and each of these phases is referred to as a project. Everyone that takes on the responsibility of taking on the responsibility of managing a particular project will usually have been given a budget that defines the areas of the project that are to be covered, the […]

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