Strategy to master Geography for IAS Exam

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Geography is one among the most interesting subjects in the UPSC exam. Yet students find it troublesome to get adept with the concepts. The trend analysis by the top IAS Academy in Bangalore tells us that the share of Geography in the UPSC exam has ranged from 10-14% in the recent years. This subject finds relevance because it is relatively easier to score in Geography. One can easily solve all the questions from Geography on the basis of concrete conceptual understanding. The map based questions from Geography are the gold points in the prelims. 

In an attempt to answer how aspirants should go about preparing for Geography, let us look at the sources as prescribes by Legacy IAS Academy

Booklist for Geography 

The specialists from the IAS Coaching in Bangalore suggests that Geography as a subject in UPSC exam can be divided into Indian Geography and World Geography. It finds concurrence with subjects like Agriculture, Environment, Maps and Current affairs. The syllabus of Geography in IAS exam comes under General Studies Paper 1. It says Physical, Social, Economic Geography of India and the World. The sources one should refer are as follows:-

  • Class IX NCERT: Contemporary India Part 1

  • Class X NCERT: Contemporary India Part 2

  • Class XI NCERT: Fundamentals of Physical Geography

  • Class XI NCERT: Indian Physical Geography

  • Class XII NCERT: Fundamentals of Human Geography

  • Class XII NCERT: India, People and Economy

  • Certificate by Physical and Human Geography by Goh Cheng Leong

  • School Atlas by a good publisher

  • Current Affairs

Side by side aspirants can follow the lectures of Best IAS Coaching in Karnataka for concept clarity and enhanced learning.

We know what to study but even that comes out as less productive if you do not follow the right approach.

Strategy to master Geography

First of all aspirants should make it a point to memorize the syllabus. To go through again and again so that it gets registered in your mind. Once you precisely know what to learn you can gradually progress. The steps for the same are as follows:-

  1.  Go through Past Year Question Paper. The faculties of Best IAS Coaching of Bangalore have furnished the same for the aspirants.

  2.  The interrelation of Geography with other subjects like History, Culture, Economics, and Environment will help in holistic understanding.

  3. Getting the basics right with NCERTs

  4. Getting the facts and principles right with advanced books

  5.  Use mnemonics for map memorization. Maps are guiding light in Geography.

  6.  Solve daily MCQs. You can subscribe to the daily quizzes provided by UPSC Coaching in Bangalore. 

  7. Join a standard test series for more and more practice.


Nothing would help you in sailing through UPSC exam like solving daily MCQs and Past Year Papers would. 

There are some easy to score subtopics in UPSC from where a question can be expected every year. It would be a wise approach to be proficient in them. They are: –

  • River Drainage system of India

  • National Parks, Wildlife Sanctuaries, Tiger reserves. A well organised mentoring for the same is offered by the experts from Best IAS Academy in Bangalore.

  • Metals, Minerals and Ores

  • Climate Change

  • Monsoon in India

  • Agriculture

  • Global calamities like Tsunami, Earthquakes, and volcanic eruptions.


However, the best strategy to clear any exam is to keep it small and concise. The more you will stick to the basics and revise the concepts the more you will master it. It is abundantly important to keep revising everything that you have studied. The maps should be in your fingertips. The facts, laws and principles should be crystal clear. Do not loosen on current affairs. And lastly enrol yourself in comprehensive test series. Go for the test series by the most authentic IAS Institute in Bangalore. Right test series will act as a bootstrap in your preparation. All the best!


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