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Quitting smoking is often a complicated process. It is not often someone finishes the last smoke in a pack, decides “okay, that is it,” and is then successful in quitting smoking forever. 

Generally, what happens is someone will throw away a pack or more and say, “Okay, I’m done,” only to find themselves hours later digging that pack out of the garbage, or when not retrievable heading out to a quick stop to purchase a new box of smokes. 


After a time or two, the smoker remembers what happened last time, decides they’re through picking garbage, and that the price of cigarettes is too high to throw them away to buy new ones sooner or later; so they give up and start to think and even say “I wish I could quit smoking.


This article is about quitting smoking tips, and for those who can relate to the paragraph above, we’ll get to the information in a moment. 


But first, you must understand two types of addiction that affect cigarette smokers. 

Physical dependence is the body’s need to get the nicotine that leads to withdrawals when they don’t have it, and there is the mental addiction that is the hardest to break.


Mental addiction is the association a smoker has with cigarettes; for example, they love smoking a cigarette after eating pizza, or smoking reminds them of good times in high school, etc. 

The trickiest part is that mental addictions are generally excessively numerous, and many are known only to the subconscious.

Now that we’ve spoken about the two types of addictions associated with smoking, we’ll get into the actual stop smoking tips.


Stop Smoking Tips Relating to Physical Addiction


#1 Drink Lots of Water – your body will be in detox during the early stages of smoking. Staying hydrated helps your body flush toxins in the most effective way, which is through the urine. Give yourself help by drinking lots of water, which will reduce the period in which you’ll experience heavy withdrawals.


#2 Sleep More – This purpose is double fold. As you detox, your body will require more rest; also, you’re not thinking about smoking when you’re sleeping. So during the first few days, get plenty of sleep.


#3 Chew Gum: Your subconscious is soon to remind your brain of all the reasons you miss smoking. Chewing gum helps reduce oral fixation and often will mean fewer reminders about smoking. It also might help to calm the nerves.


#4 Shower Regularly – depending on toxicity levels, you might get boils (like large pimples), rashes, or other skin irritation from the detox. These are reduced when taking a combination of hot and cold showers to keep your pores functioning correctly.


#5 Use Nicotine Gum (As a last resort) – It is often best to save this step for last. If your withdrawal symptoms are more than you can handle after a couple of days, then small doses of nicotine gum can help you reduce these; however, it also prolongs the quitting smoking process.

Stop Smoking Tips Related to Mental Addiction


#6 Remind Yourself Daily – each day, take time to remind yourself of all the reasons you quit smoking, as the stronger your reasons are, the more power they’ll hold over battling the mental addiction.


#7 Tell Others You Don’t Smoke – when someone asks if you smoke or offers you a cigarette, state, “I don’t smoke.” This is positive reinforcement given to the brain and subconscious and is a much more powerful message than “I recently quit” or “I am in the process of quitting.”


#8 Watch a Funny Movie and Laugh – laughing puts you in a better state of mind, while also for former heavy smokers, it is a bit painful on the lungs and can act as a positive reminder of why you quit smoking and how glad you are that you’ve now stopped.


#9 Change your Routine – take a different road to work in the morning; if you’re a coffee drinker, change to tea. There are many small everyday tasks your subconscious likely associated with smoking. Spend more time in unfamiliar territory doing less familiar things, and you’re less likely to be reminded about smoking.


#10 Develop New Habits – this goes along the same line as tip number nine. Now that you’ve changed routines, it is good for the subconscious to have new habits of associating with the latest patterns. For example, you might eat an apple every morning on your new way to work, and you might treat yourself to a small snack while watching a movie at home. Make an effort to develop new habits that become part of your new smoke-free routine.

More Stop Smoking Tips


One of the most potent quit smoking tips is to get support from your friends and family while also educating yourself more on big tobacco tactics and the health risks smoking poses. The more help you get and the more you begin to detest smoking, the easier quitting will be.


Our final quit smoking tip is to set up a rewards program. Deposit every dollar you previously would have spent on smoking into an account. Use this money for something that gives you satisfaction, as a reward to yourself for having finally given up smoking for good. This is even more helpful if you’re the only one that knows such a rewards program and account exists, as you have the power to choose your reward and get the personal satisfaction associated with such.

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