Steel Vs Aluminium Scaffolding System – How Do these Compare?

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Whether it comes to advertising, transportation, construction or any other type of industry, scaffold is used often to offer access to a workplace or facade at a height. Often, these are made primarily out of steel or aluminum, both of these coming with advantages of their own. Find out how aluminium scaffolding system compares with steel ones.


Aluminum is lighter in weight as compared to steel. Thus, the former can be moved easily to a new spot.  Due to lesser weight, aluminum scaffolding parts can be moved more easily than steel ones, and may be moved together in vehicles such as trucks. The optima load of a truck can be reached faster when steel components are used. Less fuel would be needed for their transportation.

Ease of assembly

Due to being lightweight, aluminum scaffolding can be installed with more ease. There could be injuries due to lifting of heavy materials, such as steel scaffolding parts that are bulkier in form. The installation of aluminum working platform scaffolding components is less labor intensive, and these are more appropriate for projects that extend for a short duration. There is a promise of quick assembly when it comes to aluminum alloy parts. No special tool is needed for the setup process.


Both types of suspended personnel platform can transport heavy loads. But steel ones are more appropriate for projects that go on for longer duration, for heavier and larger materials. The amount of load that can be sustained by a scaffold is based on the system setup, however.

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