Stay in Canada: Choose your Travel Insurance according to your Visa

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Canada is an attractive country that offers multiple opportunities for immigration and professional success. Despite its freezing winter, many people from all over the world want to try their luck there to study, work, be an au pair, invest, take a language trip or, quite simply, to visit the country. As the visa for immigration to Canada will not be issued without an insurance contract, here are some tips that will help you choose your travel insurance according to your visa.

Travel insurance for sightseeing

If you are a French, Swiss or Belgian national, you will not need a visa to be able to make a tailor-made trip to Canada on condition that this does not exceed three months. To stay in the country, you will only need an eTA and your passport. Conditions are different for tourists from other countries, so it is recommended to check with the embassy in your home country to find out a little more on the subject. Whatever the length of your getaway in Canada, it is recommended that you take out travel insurance. Chapka’s 24-hour-a-day travel insurance contract will cover you in the event of a luggage problem or for medical expenses, repatriation, cancellation, etc. during your stay in Canada.

Insurance for a Working Holiday Visa

For young people aged 17 to 35 who wish to go to work and travel to Canada, the visas intended for them are the Working Holiday Visa or the Working Holiday Visa. These types of visas are intended to allow students and young workers to discover Canada and travel while having the possibility of financing their project by working there. One of the essential points to take into account when planning to go to Canada on a Working Holiday Visa is choosing an insurance that will cover you during your trip. Moreover, this one is obligatory.

As stated on the Canadian Embassy website, your travel insurance should cover you at a minimum for hospitalization, illness and repatriation. The Cap Working Holiday contract offered by Chapka assurances guarantees you in the event of an accident during your professional activity, under an employment contract, and when you are on vacation. The practice of high-risk sports is also covered. In addition, the Cap Working Holiday covers you everywhere in the world, within the limit of the validity dates of your Working Holiday Visa.

Insurance for expatriates and workers in Canada

You have decided to try your luck in Canada to work there or to create your business. Whether you are going there alone, as a couple or as a family, you will need to find the best health insurance contract to be able to enter Canada. To do this, Chapka’s Cap Vital Expat insurance is the benchmark insurance for expatriates settling abroad, particularly in Canada. This insurance can cover all the costs related to your hospitalization, your medical care or your repatriation assistance in the event of accident or unexpected illness during the exercise of your professional activity or on a daily basis.

The Cap Vital Expat insurance contract also offers you insurance for “private life” civil liability throughout your stay. To the same extent, you will be able to benefit from accident capital and cover for all problems related to your luggage. Whatever your professional activity, this expatriation insurance is an advantageous solution both in terms of cost and in terms of the strength of the guarantees. Indeed, the ceiling for medical expenses is unlimited and without excess. For information, Cap Vital Expat insurance is temporary insurance that covers you within a maximum of 12 months to allow you to start your expatriation in Canada with confidence.

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