Startup Business Interview: Pitching to the CEOs

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The Price of Business is the longest-running show of its kind, airing on Bloomberg’s Home in Houston, Business Talk 1110 AM KTEK. For the show, Kevin interviewed Andre about an often stressful issue in the startup world: pitching to the CEOs. Here Andre tells how he’s embraced success by using different approaches for the open-ended challenge of starting (and maintaining) a business.


Andre Oentoro, the founder and CEO of Breadnbeyond, an explainer video company. Andre is an entrepreneur committed to creating simple, elegant products that endure. Price of Business’ host, Kevin Price, is an award-winning broadcast journalist and a syndicated columnist, business and technology writer for Huffington Post.


Entrepreneurship can be a rocky path, and it certainly doesn’t come with a handbook. In the interview, Andre asked to address the topic “Creative Values.”

  1. Why do we do what we do?

  2. How do we fight for our work? 

  3. How do we get our voices heard?

  4. What does it mean to push things forward, to create entirely new communities and markets?


Some of the main points outlined in the interview are below.

The impact is From Anywhere.

You don’t need to live in North America to make an impact. Andre believes that each part of the world needs entrepreneurs and creatives. Breadbeyond’s based in Indonesia, but around 70% of its clients are North American.

Be Different.

It’s hard to make an impact on the world while falling in line with everyone around you. It’s easy to categorize others, and it’s even easier to seek categorization ourselves. Andre tries not to fall into these traps, saying, “Most of our competitors like to work with big clients. We like to work with startups because I can connect with them.”

Optimize for Relationships First.

Think about how, why, and what kind of relationships you are hoping to engender. When reaching out for help or trade from others, please don’t start with what you’ve done for them in the past or what they owe you: help them out. The favors will come back around in turn. Andre also added, “When I connect with them, they can refer me to their friends easily, so it’s not hard for me to get new clients.”

Transcription of the Interview:

Welcome back to Price Of Business. I am your host, Kevin Price.


Talking about you and your business, Andre Oentoro. He participated in our series of interviews at This one’s on companies that have to pitch to CEOs. His company is called Breadnbeyond, that’s bread ‘N’ beyond dot com. Andre, welcome to the program.

Hi Kevin! It’s an honor to be here. Thanks for having me.


Tell me a bit about yourself and your company.

Well, I founded Breadnbeyond in 2008. Breadnbeyond currently focuses on explainer video creation. If you don’t know what an explainer video is, it’s a short animation that explains a hard-to-grasp concept or idea thoroughly.


The location of us is in Surabaya, Indonesia. Currently, there are 24 people in our office. Almost all of our clients are from outside the country. North American companies make up 60-70% of our client base.


Our clients are primarily startups (by startups, I mean companies valued at less than 5 million), but we work with some big brands, as well as Fortune 500 companies.


Yeah. So you work with businesses of all sizes. Still, it looks like small businesses or probably–well, actually not really, I mean you’re all over the place: everything from small businesses up to companies as big as The World Bank!



Wow, that’s massive. That’s incredible. Where’s your corporate location?

Corporately I am located in Indonesia.


Indonesia. Do you have offices in North America?

I see that most of your clients are in North America.

Yes, that’s correct, but I don’t have an office in North America yet.


Okay, interesting. So tell us a bit about what you do and how it’s different from your competition.

Okay. So we create explainer videos, but primarily we work with startups. Most of them are internet technology startups (because there can be about fifty startups in the US).

We are different from our competitors because most of our competitors like to work with big clients. We want to work with startups because I can connect to C-level executives. And when I connect with C-level executives, they can refer me to their friends easily, so it’s not hard for me to get new clients because of the referrals.


Very good. Tell us about how you can penetrate and reach the C-level client.

Because they see our portfolio, they like what we do, and primarily because we are in Indonesia, we can offer less high prices but great stuff.


Yeah, Andre, thanks for being with us. Check out his website: Breadnbeyond – just like bread and beyond, but it’s bread “N” (the letter N) beyond dot com – to learn more about them. Also, you can read my interview over at Thanks so much for being with us!

Thanks, Kevin!


Alright, when we come back with much more for you, we do want to remind you the best content here shows up over there at While there, like it on Facebook, follow it on Twitter.

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