Spoon Full of Sugar: Dentist’s Guide for Sugar Intake

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Eating sugar can be healthy for you if you eat it under control. However, erosion of gums and tooth decay can occur if you eat so much sugar. Every day women should consume 25 g of sugar and men should consume 37.5 g of sugar on an average and it has been recommended by American Heart Association. You can take 14.3 g of sugar in a single tablespoon.

Difference between natural sugars and added sugars

The vegetables and fruits contain natural sugars. A number of micronutrients, fiber and water are present in these vegetables and fruits. On the other hand, processed foods and candy contain the added sugars. The corn syrup that contains so much fructose and table sugar (sucrose) are the types of added sugars that are so common. Consume less added sugar if you want to keep your health good. Sometimes natural sugars can be present in added sugars and a perfect example of this is honey.

What will happen if you consume so much sugar?

A number of diseases can occur if you consume so much sugar:

        Fatty liver disease

        Tooth decay

        Various types of cancers

        Heart disease

        Type 2 diabetes


How much sugar you should consume daily?

As per American Heart Association:

        The per day consumption of sugar needs to be 150 calories for men.

        The per day consumption of sugar needs to be 100 calories for women.

Let us have a look at how many calories are present in various foods:

        Sugar in an amount of 120 calories is present in a Snickers bar of regular size.

        Sugar in an amount of 140 calories is present in a Coke can of 355 ml.

If you will eat less sugar then you can stay active, lean and healthy.

Avoid sugar if you are addicted to it

Just like the illegal drugs affect your brain’s several areas, the foods that are highly processed and contain sugar also affect those areas. As a result, there is a possibility of losing control over eating sugar. But we can overcome the addiction to sugar because as compared to illegal drugs, it is less addictive. You will be called addicted to sugar:

        If you can’t eat cheat meals.

        If you can’t eat as per the set rules.

        If you were eating so much food earlier.

In order to get rid of this addiction, you have to completely avoid the sugar just like cigarettes need to be completely avoided by the smoker.

What steps will you take to minimize the intake of sugar?

For minimizing the intake of sugar, you have to eat certain foods in limited amounts:

     Foods containing low fat – A lot of sugar is present in the eatables from which the fat has been removed.

     Foods that are baked – Pastries, pies, cakes and cookies are included in these. Refined carbohydrates and so much sugar are present in these.

     Sweets and candies – Eat sweets in a limited amount only.

     Juices of various fruits – Just like soft drinks contain sugar, the sugar in the same amount is also present in fruit juices. Additional sweetener is not present in canned fruit or whole fruit.

     Soft drinks – Sugar in an amount of 8 teaspoons is present in a soda can of 355 ml.

Drink tea and coffee without adding sugar in these. Don’t consume juices or soda but drink water. Use lemon, ginger, vanilla, almond extract, nutmeg, cinnamon in various recipes but don’t add sugar in these. Go online and search a number of recipes by using your creativity. There are a number of delicious recipes in which there is no need of adding sugar. Monk fruit or stevia contains zero calories.

Eat less amount of processed food containing sugar

The foods that are highly processed should be consumed in little amounts only so that the sugar intake can be cut back. Sometimes because of financial reasons, people can’t eat those foods that are unprocessed. So, how can they eat healthy food in this situation?

     Have knowledge of foods that contain so much sugar and are healthy too – The eatables that are healthy and contain so much sugar are coconut sugar, organic sugar cane, honey and agave.

     Always see the list of ingredients – If the sugar is included in the top 3 components of the packaged food’s ingredient list, then don’t eat that food product.

     Have knowledge of all the names of sugar – Cron syrup, raw sugar, cane sugar, syrup, dextrose, glucose, fructose, dehydrated cane juice, corn syrup containing so much fructose, and sucrose are the various types of sugars. 

Knowledge about the required amount of sugar that needs to be consumed is so important for you so that you can make the necessary adjustments in your sugar intake.

If I ever have a problem with my gums and teeth because of eating sugar then I will visit the Best dentist near me.

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