Social Media Trends 2021: How & Why Social Commerce Will Lead the Social Media Platforms?

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Covid-19 has changed the lifestyle in many ways. In fact, the world has completely evolved into another era. During the lockdown, what most of the people have done, we all know that. Social media played a vital role in our lives. According to research over the lockdown period, it has been seen that with 3.2 billion people using social media daily, the percentage has been increased by over 80%.

4.57 billion users around the globe are using the internet. Out of this proportion, 346 million users have come online within the last 6 months. Moreover, there are 5.15 billion unique mobile users who are using social media platforms from fake identifications or through incognito tabs.

This data has been recorded during the lockdown period. We can see how social media played a role in keeping us busy while we were locked in our homes. Social media influencers kept us busy with the new trends. YouTube has been the most trafficked platform over the lockdown period. Plus Facebook and Instagram are the most visited platforms. Facebook progressed with 25.52 billion visits over the last 6 months while Instagram’s average use increased from 886,000 to 7.3 million visits. This is a 724 percent gain in daily visits.

With all these records, you must have gotten an idea of how 2020 has been so far. What if I tell you that 2021 is going to be a complete lockdown and houses are going to be the new offices? Just like 2020, social media is going to rock again on the floor in 2021. You must be thinking about what social media is up to now. If you are a social media influencer or you are running a business through eCommerce, I bet you are going to read it now.

Let’s start with the most common platforms and upcoming social media trends.

Facebook- A Trending eCommerce Store

Being one of the biggest and popular social media platforms, Facebook’s study has given hints to the new trends. The last 6 months have given Facebook a major rise in advertisements and new businesses. The study of Q2 2020 has recorded a 26.9 percent increase in Facebook live usage. If we consider the Socialbakers result from the last 4 months of 2020 then there is a 126 percent increase in the advertisement through Facebook’s Live feature.

We have seen many home businesses being started through Facebook. People come live from their accounts, show products, and talk about the services they provide. This feature has helped Facebook to evolve its advertisement rate by 70%. The number of people coming live on Facebook in Q2 2020 has given a one percent rise to all the branded posts on Facebook. This is a clear realization of marketing via Facebook. People have realized how much social media platforms are helping them in growing their businesses. People have said that they are more likely to use this feature in 2021. We can estimate a rise of 400 million users being live daily.

By the start of 2021, we can expect more features like Facebook Live. Facebook is working on its marketing and advertising strategies. Speaking of AR Ecosystem on Facebook, more than 400,000 creators from various countries have used the AR studio effect of Facebook. The Q3 2020’s record has shown one billion views generated from 150 accounts. There are 1.2 million AR effects created in 2020.  It is an estimation that AR effects are going to be the hottest trend in 2021. We are expecting an above-average percentage of AR effects being created by Facebook.

We are also expecting the smart ‘Project Aria’ by Facebook to launch its smart AR glasses in 2021. Obviously, the glasses are not coming up on January 1st but we can expect them to be around mid-year. While Apple is also set to release its AR glasses, let’s wait who wins the race.

Instagram or Twitter- Who to Choose?

With the Instagram stories popping up, now we can see Twitter launching its own stories by the name of ‘Fleets Updates’. It will be available to all the users over the next year. Soon Twitter is going to launch the marketing strategy as well. There are no updates on Twitter’s eCommerce strategies for now but social media enthusiasts are expecting the news.

Twitter is also updating the platform for the audio tweets which sounds pretty cool. Imagine how much fun would it be twitting in a sarcastic tone.

On the other hand, Instagram’s new Shop Tab has been an amazing feature. IG is the next Facebook’s golden goose. You must have shopped from an Instagram page, haven’t you? From makeup products to shoes to buying home-cooked food and bakery items, the overall experience has been out of the blue. But if we compare the marketing strategies of IG with TikTok then the results are overwhelmingly positive. TikTok has made its place in the market. A lot of brands have approached TikTok for their branding.

Let’s Snapchat!

Click it. Send it. Don’t forget to put the filter on! But Snapchat has become more than that. In 2021 Snapchat is going to focus on Snap Originals. More publishers, artists, and studios are willing to pay attention. Snapchat has been a focus on the young generation and audience. Snapchat is on board to focus on big celebrities for expanding their advertising opportunities.

eCommerce Purchasing

Facebook and Instagram both are in-stream for advertising and marketing the brands. Either it is a physical company or a small business to run online, social media platforms are performing major roles. Snapchat is also taking place in the advertising and marketing opportunities and we will be seeing paramount results in 2021.

As far as the advancing of AR is concerned, Snapchat has innovated the reading of barcodes and a number of contextual information through its camera. This is going to be another level of development. Apple is working on its Ar glasses to launch by 2022. With the launch of the iPhone 12 this year, we can expect iPhone 13 with exceptional features. This year iPhone 12 has AR features in it then imagine the next level technology phone.

Ecommerce is going to win the race through social media platforms in 2021. This year is going to be the technology year because if we see 2020 as a Covid year then 2021 might shift things from physical to technological level. There might have been 50 percent to 0 percent in-person contact. Let’s go with the flow!

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