Social Media Manager: that’s why it is important for companies

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The figure of the social media manager for a company, as well as relying on agencies for the management of social channels, has now become a real necessity.

In fact, social media are an integral part of everyone’s life, private and commercial realities, which is why imposing one’s presence here also plays a key role for anyone wishing to expand their business and win the trust of an ever-increasing number of customers.

It is not enough to simply publish photos, videos, and random links, but it is important to study an effective strategy geared towards web marketing. A structured and organized plan, with useful contents, is in fact able to move the interest of its target audience.

Starting from the development of a strategy up to the creation of content following an in-depth Search for information, from the study of the target audience to the analysis of the data and results obtained: this is what a social media manager does.

The numbers of social media marketing

Let’s now take a look at the data related to the world of social networks starting from the analyzes elaborated by Global Digital Report with the contribution given by We Are Social and Hootsuite, the first world-famous creative agency and the second dashboard for social management and marketing.

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In 2021, users connected to the Internet are over 5 billion out of a world population of 7.7 billion, with an increase of one million users per day. On average, each person spends 6 hours daily online between social networks, YouTube, Google, and searches of any type, for an estimated total of 100 days a year. A truly astounding figure that gives a good idea of ​​how much a quality presence on the network is extremely important.

We look at large companies operating in any sector. By now all are in possession of one or more social accounts, exploiting them to share articles, news, case histories, information, tips, and insights.

What does a social media manager do?

Let’s now analyze the figure of the social media manager. This profession that did not exist until a decade ago, is in some companies entrusted to unqualified internal staff with the thought that the person who covers it should limit itself to periodic sharing of posts. This is not the case but, on the contrary, the social media manager follows what is the social landscape at 360 degrees.

Below we list everything he deals with to understand the complexity behind this person’s work. Create or, if already present, optimize company social accounts. Enter all important information, adjust profile and cover images of the page and link it with other useful information, from employees to the most important business partners

Create a monthly publication plan by carefully elaborating content and related typology. Videos, images, external links that refer to the company website or blog, tips and curiosities of the sector, in short, everything that could be useful to the target audience. Obviously, with regard to videos and images, it is important that they have a certain quality, are beautiful and captivating

Studying and managing paid campaigns, necessary to reach an increasing number of people who fall within their target. A well-designed campaign can in fact lead to an increase in contacts and, consequently, in sales that are certainly not indifferent

Involve the community, try to understand what it wants, the point of view of users, going to dialogue with them by replying to messages and comments showing the company’s attention to its audience

Create commercial partnerships with other brands, influencers and bloggers that can bring further visibility to the brand. Obviously, the choice of these figures must not be casual, but calibrated according to their target audience, choosing really credible characters and with a useful follow-up.

Monitor social media accounts, analyzing performance and results obtained. This aspect is essential not only to provide reports on the progress of the pages and the contacts obtained through them but also to understand which are the weaknesses on which to work more.

The benefits of a quality social strategy

Leaning on a social media manager or an agency specialized in this field will give you the opportunity to study a real quality strategy capable of bringing a whole series of advantages. Which?

Increase of own brand awareness

Increase in traffic to the company website with an improvement in its value in the eyes of search engines

Better positioning in the SERPs

Creation of a direct relationship with the customer

Definition of the target and better understanding of its needs.

In short, the choice of relying on a real social expert to develop your own action plan becomes essential if you want to get concrete benefits from these channels.

Can a social campaign expand its target? Absolutely yes!

This is often the question that those approaching the social world for the first time ask themselves. Well, to give an answer, let’s consider the well-known lingerie brand Victoria’s Secret.

Always lingerie, costumes, and pajamas made by this brand have been shown to the world through the statuesque bodies of super supermodels, known as the Victoria’s Secret Angels. Result? Few women and girls felt up to wearing these garments, with the idea that they only fit those with a perfect body.

Recently the trend has undergone a clear and evident reversal. The social channels of this brand have seen the appearance of photos of models with generous shapes, if you want, even with some flaws like most women in the world have. In this way, it was highlighted how the underwear and the garments of this brand can be worn by every woman, equally transmitting sensuality and charm, regardless of size.

Having a qualified social media manager or an agency capable of offering you this service represents the turning point for every business, the one that will allow it to take off definitively and acquire an ever-increasing number of followers and potential customers day after day.

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