Social Distancing Signage And Floor Decals

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Why is Social Distancing Important?

The Centers for Disease Control tells us that COVID-19 is spread mainly by people who are infected and come into close contact with others, which means closer than six feet apart. The virus is spread through the coughs, sneezes, or speaking of an infected person. The risk is that droplets from their nose or mouth are blown into the air and will find their way into the eyes, noses and mouths of other people nearby. Asymptomatic people, or people who are infected but do not show any outward symptoms can spread the virus when they are not even aware that they themselves may be infected. Also, because someone can spread the virus before they become aware that they are sick, it is of the utmost importance that everyone stays at least 6 feet away from people that they do not share a household with. Social distancing is of monumental importance for those at high risk for having severe illness from COVID-19.


In many states and localities, it is required, and nationwide it is recommended, that everyone maintain proper social distance (which is at least six feet) from anyone who does not live in their immediate household. In some places it is required for businesses to have social distance signage, and it is a good idea for any public building, given the current state of the coronavirus pandemic nationwide. This kind of signage includes, but is not limited to:

     Signs at entrances and exits reminding guests to wear a mask, wash hands, use hand sanitizer and social distance

     Signs withinstructions for having one’s temperature taken or answering protocol questions to determine you are not at high risk for being infected with COVID-19.

     Signs marking proper social distance while standing in line for at ticket windows or check-out counters

     Signs for restaurant patrons to put a mask on and social distance when not eating or up and about in the establishment

     Signs advising other coronavirus related special protocols


Minuteman Press Has You Covered with Free Downloadable Social Distancing Signs

You can go to our website and print out and post free social distancing signs at your place of business. You can even share these free downloadable signs and help stop the spread of COVID-19! Visit Minuteman Press online to get your free signs today!


Minuteman Press has Custom Social Distancing Sign and Social Distancing Floor Decal Printing


Minuteman Press has custom social distancing sign printing services and custom social distancing floor decal printing to meet all of your business needs and to keep everyone safe as we go forward in this new normal. Social distancing is something we all need to do in order to remain safe and keep our local business prospering. Make sure your community and public places are as safe as possible wearing your face mask, washing your hands and using custom social distancing sign printing services and custom social distancing floor decal printing from your local Minuteman Press.


We can design custom social distancing signs, like donut floor decals for donut shops, custom coffee bean or mug floor decals for coffee shop, tire floor decals for tire shops, you name it. We are all in this together, so let us make it fun and keep things interesting. We can keep your customers talking about you with innovative approaches to social distancing.

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Social Distancing Signage And Floor Decals

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