Shaping Education with Modern Technology

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Education has always been important, be it today or in early times. Education positively shapes you to face the emerging challenges of life strategically and plan for your future success. However, as the world advances towards modernism, sticking to the traditional educational and learning approaches is not justifiable. We must understand the need to blend education formally with the on-going technical trends and benefit the ultimate students with the best they deserve.

We all use technology to a greater extent. We don’t write letters anymore, whereas we prefer using email to ensure that our message is sent and received successfully while attaching it with any piece of document, image or video to enhance understanding of the ultimate receiver. Similarly, education is also a type of communication initiated by the teacher’s end and transferred to the students. One of the most significant challenges in education is maintaining student’s interest positively. A class filled with boredom will eventually provide adverse results, bringing in complaints from the parents and guardians, who are unknown to its ultimate reality.

Children of the modern era are more into technology. They tend to learn something where their interest is diverted positively. A very few of us have been inclined towards learning history, which has no particular use today until anyone of us aims to start a business of antiques from ancient times, preserving some key artefacts and continuing a career successfully. However, learning about modern technology such as robots, artificial intelligence (AI), augmented reality (AR), smart devices and smart sensors, etc. are some core elements that drive positive interest as these are trending topics, heard all over the easily-accessible internet, knowing the significant opportunities these elements are surrounded with.

Learning through technology has been Interesting Always.

Ever wondered what your favourite subject was after recess? It indeed was the class of computer studies. During our teenage time, computer systems were unique and owning one was considered an achievement usually unlocked after securing good grades in academics. However, time has changed significantly. Today, even a kindergarten student has their laptop, through which they can surf the internet, play games and learn something they have developed a positive interest within.

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However, there are very few changes to the curriculum of computer studies reported till now. We are still stuck on acknowledging students about obsolete technology, such as floppy disks and CD-ROMs that are hardly utilised today when effective and efficient substitutes such as USBs, external and portable hard disk devices and cloud storage platforms are readily available. Yet, having an opportunity to fidget with technology has always been attractive for students, and the trend continues.

Besides learning through this approach with positive acknowledgement and changing the syllabus with modern learning techniques, we are busy restricting students from bringing their technical gadgets to the school premises. With the fear of confiscation, we limit the regarded potential from within students, and it is a significant drawback for a better, enhanced and innovative future.

What needs to be done at this point?

It is never late to improve the learning environment and tactics for the students. As the global population continues to rise, children are enrolled continuously in different educational stages. There are relevant changes we need to input together as we wouldn’t want our children to ask for a CD to store their songs in when they already have the option of a portable USB storage device which they can secure in their pockets and travel with anywhere they want it to be accessed.

We have witnessed a positive initiative flowing from the state-owned organisations to come forward with this motive in several developed countries such as the UK, USA, etc. The government of such developed states is highly considerate about the future of the economy, which remains in the youngsters and the youths’ hands. Without them being rightly-capable, they wouldn’t make it to the increasing competition, and hence challenges would be faced frequently.

The governmental bodies’ primary role has been towards increased investment into modern technology being embedded within the existing curriculum, spreading positive awareness through frequent workshops for teachers and educational boards and the regulation of a formal policy that governs the study plan for the students.

This approach needs to be encouraged in other countries as well on a vivid level. Governmental bodies should become more active, and the only way they can acknowledge the context is through state-level audits. In this manner, students can be communicated by taking their relevant feedbacks and then approaching with an appropriate strategy accordingly.

We all know that governments work for our benefits, and hence we should never feel shy in asking for our rights. Education is our right and not a choice that should never be compromised at any cost. Whatever it takes to benefit our future, we need to struggle to achieve it and overcome the hurdles that might restrict possible opportunities for the upcoming generations.

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