Security Network Design Services by MSSPs

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What are the reasons why smart grid networks are important to businesses today?

Network managers are facing rapid changes and complex hardware, software, and cellular services as a result of the Internet of Things (IoT). It is not the only technology that complicates things. External forces have also contributed to the growing instability. Examine the long-term and wide-ranging effects of the Covid-19 plague. Through the plague, which is changing the nature of work and accelerating the use of remote, scattered labor, the cloud’s resilience has been tested in an unprecedented way.

In a Ponemon Institute study, cyber-attacks, human errors, hardware failures, and customer service platform (USP) failures account for most data center outages. Among the 425 participants in the survey of 132 data centers and 1,667 markets in North America, Canada, and Latin America, 75% said they could avoid the latest downtime, but 54% said they didn’t use best practices in the network design system and resource enhancement. The cost constraints of 69% prevented the implementation of proactive solutions, which increased the risk of subsequent unplanned interruptions.

By 2022, the world’s largest cloud service providers and technology companies, including Microsoft Azure, GitHub, Google, IBM, Salesforce, and Zoom, will be affected.

The operator networks of today are still a patchwork of 3G and 5G generations. Older devices and apps use fewer data and bandwidth when running on 4G or even 3G networks, while newer devices and apps need more bandwidth and data.

Due to all these complexities and changes, the risk of connection failures and network degradation increases substantially without additional funding and staff to cope with the complexity.

Smart, software-based networks, which can perform most configuration and management functions without human interaction, are the next step in information technology. To make sure your network is always secure, you should do these things:

·       Flexibility: 5G, 4G, and 3G networks must be flexible to adapt to changing conditions and requirements in the present and the future.

·       Protection: The best protection is built into the product from the beginning and cannot be added later.

·       Intelligent: A permanent network should have a single, intelligent, centralized point of view for managing and controlling devices and locations. AI and machine learning should not be necessary to automate basic tasks.

·       Monitoring: It is critical to monitor all connected devices, machines, and people connected to the network, especially in industries that perform important functions

A recent automation world survey found that 67% of respondents use some type of intellectual remote-access technology to monitor machines and analyze data. In industries such as manufacturing, mining, oil and gas, construction, and transportation, this is especially true.

In rural Nicaragua, another customer, EOS International, deployed a cellular LTE Cat 1 connection-based remote water-quality monitoring solution. IoT solutions improve the detection of garbage bin levels in underground garbage containers in Jerusalem, where trash has become a major problem.

Businesses, machines, and individuals can connect, transmit data and perform operations in new ways because of IoT support technologies. The value of these technologies lies in their reliance on networks, so today’s networks require intellectual networks as well.

Network Design services for resilient networks:

The NOC is the brain of a company. A NOC is often the first line of defense against any attacks or disruptions a company or enterprise might experience with their telecommunications networks. Select the right NOC for your network design services.

In network design, what is the role of an MSSP?

Cybercrime will increase 600% in 2022 as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. The number of attacks (unauthorized access to data, applications, services, networks, or devices) per company increased by 31% between 2020 and 2021. Cyber security tools and processes are necessary for organizations to prevent breaches and intrusions of data and day-to-day operations. A Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP) plans, designs, and monitors a company’s security infrastructure as part of ensuring comprehensive cyber security.

Managed security service providers (MSSPs) provide 24/7 cyber security services through high-tech security operations centers (SOCs). The MSSP collects and analyzes data from a customer’s IT infrastructure to prevent, identify, and reduce threats using advanced security monitoring tools such as SIEM. In addition to expanding their internal IT teams, companies can also hire highly skilled security experts.

MSSPs provide secure network design and other protection services

Check out a few of the services provided by MSSPs.

·       AV (antivirus) and firewall: As firewalls examine incoming network traffic, antivirus solutions prevent malicious files and viruses from attacking the company’s infrastructure.

·       Data Loss Prevention (DLP): Protection a company’s sensitive and confidential data and sharing it across networks, endpoints, and the cloud. By protecting against data loss, unauthorized networks can’t copy or transmit data.

·       IAM (Identification and Access Management):  Cyberattacks are highly likely to occur at organizations whose entire network is accessible to employees. Through identification and access management solutions, employees are provided with the tools, applications, and resources they require to perform their tasks regardless of their location while preventing them from accessing networks they don’t need.

·       IR: Incident Response Planning ensures that organizations have the necessary tools and processes to prevent cyber attacks.

·       Privileged Access Management (PAM): privileged users have administrative access to critical systems. All privileged accounts within your IT environment can be controlled and monitored with PAM tools.

·       Security Awareness Training: User risks can be reduced and prevented with the right security awareness training. By being careful, employees can prevent most cyber attacks. By learning best security practices and improving their detection abilities through fake attacks, employees can benefit from security awareness training.

·       Security Information and Incident Management (SIEM): Security Information Management (SIM) and Security Incident Management (SEM) work together. By analyzing log files for security threats and incidents, SEM detects and alerts network managers in real-time about issues and establishes links between security incidents.

·       SOC: Security Operations Centers (SOCs) specialize in firefighters. SIEM solutions and other technologies fall into this category. A SOC provider monitors network activity for abnormalities, investigates potential threats, and takes immediate action to prevent or resolve them.

·       Support for Virtual Private Networks (VPNs): VPNs allow you to create a private network using an open Internet connection. They allow remote employees to access company resources securely. In your endpoint management tool, you can track the status of all your remote points once VPN has been installed on them.

·       Security vulnerability scanning: It is a method of detecting vulnerabilities in software and networks. Security vulnerabilities can be detected in servers, desktops, virtual machines, operating systems, applications, and active ports on each machine. A patch is immediately released when a vulnerability is discovered.

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