Samsung Galaxy 3 vs. Apple Watch Series 5 – Which One I Buy?

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With Apple Watch Series 5, Samsung’s Galaxy Watch3 demands a price that is up there. That would mean that in their characteristics, ease of use, and hardware, they are both neck-and-neck, right? No less I can’t agree.


A fine watch is the Galaxy Watch3. I love how it has some of Samsung’s best features and I hate how it still has some of Samsung’s worst features.

If I hadn’t checked too many smartwatches or fitness trackers, maybe I wouldn’t have a view like that. Yet I do have some shortcomings, and they’re far too jarring to forgive.

In comparison, one of the most interesting smartwatches out there is the Apple Watch Series 5. Thanks to its beauty, style, technological scope, and hardware capability, it is just an exceptional smartwatch.

The most amazing thing about the Apple Watch Series 5 is that in such a compact box, Apple was able to store too many quality features and offer a good battery life as well. No other smartwatch of this scale has such an outstanding balance between efficiency and robustness.

However, the Apple Watch Series 5 can only be matched with an iPhone with only one alert. The Galaxy Watch3 pairs with everything, but with a Samsung smartwatch is most at home, and when combined with an iPhone, most crippled.

Fitness Track:

The Apple Watch Series has 5 rings and the Galaxy Watch 3 has hearts. It almost feels like Beyonc’s like, you have to put a ring on it.

Both of these systems are somewhat accountable to you. If you are not an active person, you will not be one because of the clock, but what I like is that it helps you to know what goals you have set and met.

Both Samsung and Apple offer great software to track your workouts. What I like about Samsung and Apple’s approach is that they have developed a very stable and integrated ecosystem. While Samsung owns Samsung Health, Apple has a health app and everything related to health and lifestyle goes into these apps.

The Galaxy Watch 3 has a very useful feature for runners, called running coaches. In it, you can set the type of coaching you want to run endlessly from light running to calorie burning. It gives you the speed of walking in different areas. After your run, you will be able to get the sophistication of your footwork and advanced running metrics like your VO2Max. This is the greatest thing I can expect from a sports smartwatch from Polar or Garmin.

The Apple Watch Series 5 has a workout app that tracks workouts. In short, it’s similar to the Galaxy Watch 3, where you can track standard swimming, running, and biking, but unlike the Watch 3, the Apple Watch Series 5 does not have gym specific exercises. Both clocks can be submerged in water for swimming.

In short, the two platforms are very similar, but the advanced running metrics and training options of the Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 show a clear advantage over the Apple Watch Series 5. If you’re a runner, this is a great feature.


So, let’s get down to one of the important features of a smartwatch. Texting and email are an important reason I wear a smartwatch. I love reading reviews of my emails and messages. This can be very useful when I keep my phone in a hard-to-reach place like a dry bag on a bike or in a kayak.

The great thing about using the Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 with a Samsung phone is that you get access to your SMS and email logs. This is a great feature, but not a feature I use often.

The answer is also good in the Apple Watch Series 5. It’s boiled down to Apple’s excellent speech-to-text transcriptionist, which Samsung does not keep up with.

If you say the same thing for two clocks, you will get different results. On average, you would be considered better than the Apple Watch Series 5 compared to the Galaxy Watch 3. This means more frustration and tedium for the next watch user.

If that doesn’t work, you can use the handwriting function, where you can draw letters to form words. The Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 also comes with a number pad keyboard that you can use for input text. If you need to use any of these, I think it would be more convenient to pull out the smartphone.

Both systems also contain dynamically pre-created messages. Sometimes it can meet your needs. So, the experience of the Apple Watch Series 5 is much better than the Galaxy Watch 3.

Voice Assistant:

There is a voice assistant on all smartwatches and they are useful for helping you with boring things. Samsung’s Bixby, though, is inherently less capable than the Siri of Apple.

By its bad speech-to-text transcriptions, Bixby is very slowed. So Bixby doesn’t get what you want sometimes, although Siri does.

It becomes a hassle each time a voice assistant struggles to help you do what you want. You can do it again with doggedness, or you can give up and do it manually.

By the way, the Samsung Galaxy Watch3 failed to provide a result on the above screenshot but instead said that there are no navigation capsules available.


The winner is the Apple Watch Series 5. Thanks to its superior integration with the iPhone, superior voice assistant, and superior speech-to-text features, it is just a better normal watch.

In its running instruction, the Galaxy Watch3 has a small edge over Series 5, but that’s still too slight and depending on whether you are a keen athlete.

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